Draft Statutes of the Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize for Public Health (en inglés)

Draft Statutes of the Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize for Public Health

Article 1


Article 2

The founder

Article 3


The Founder endows the Prize with an initial capital in WHO/AFRO of CFA 1 400 000 (one million four hundred thousand CFA francs). The capital of the Prize may be increased by income from the undistributed reserves and by contribution from Member States, organizations and persons of goodwill and bequests.

Article 4


The "Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize for Public Health" shall consist of a bronze medal and a cash sum which shall be awarded once every two years from the accumulated interest on the Prize's capital including the total cost of striking the medal. The initial value of the cash prize shall be determined by the Prize Committee at its first session taking into account the Prize's capital and the anticipated annual interest. This amount may be adjusted upwards from time to time by the Committee based on changes in the capital of the prize, variation in interests rates, etc.

However, interest shall, in the first place, be used to cover expenses incurred by the creation of the Prize, including the manufacture of steel dyes for the medal.

Article 5

Prize Committee

The Committee entitled the "Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize Committee" shall be composed of the following members: the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman of the Programme Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee, two representatives of the African Advisory Committee for Health Development, and the Regional Director of AFRO or his representative as the Secretary of the Committee.

The presence of the Chairman of the Programme Sub-Committee and at least two other members of the Committee including one representative of the African Advisory Committee for Health Development shall be required for the taking of decisions.

Article 6

Proposal and selection of candidates for the Prize

Any national health administration, educational and research organizations as well as any former recipient of the Prize may put forward the name of a candidate for the Prize. Proposals shall be made to the Administrator who will submit them to the Prize Committee together with his technical comments. The Committee shall decide in private meeting, by a majority of the members present, on the recommendation to be made to the Programme Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee, whose decision shall be final. In case of non-agreement on the choice of the candidate, the matter shall be referred to the Regional Committee for decision.

The Prize shall be given to a person having made the most significant contribution to any health problem in the geographical area in which Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum served the World Health Organization. The Prize shall be presented to the recipient, or in his absence to a person representing him, during the following session of the World Health Assembly by its President.

Article 7


The Prize shall be administered by its Administrator, namely the Regional Director of AFRO, who shall act as Secretary of the Prize Committee.

The Administrator shall be responsible:

(i) for the execution of the decisions taken by the Prize Committee within the limits of its powers as defined in these Statutes, and
(ii) for the observance of the present Statutes and generally for the administration of the Dr Comlan A.A. Quenum Prize in accordance with these Statutes.

Article 8


Reports on work carried out by recipients of the Prize shall, where appropriate, be submitted annually to the Administrator, who shall be accountable to the Regional Committee for operations effected by virtue of these Statutes.

Article 9

Revision of the Statutes

On the motion of one of its members, the Prize Committee may propose revision of the present Statutes. Any such motion, if endorsed by a majority of the members of the Committee, shall be submitted to the Programme Sub-Committee for its approval. Any revision shall be reported for information to the next session of the Regional Committee.