The Dr LEE Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health

Dr LEE Jong-wook

The Dr LEE Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health was established in 2008, and is awarded to individuals, institutions, and governmental or nongovernmental organizations who have made an outstanding contribution to public health. The Prize aims at rewarding work that has extended far beyond the call of normal duties, and it is not intended as a reward for excellent performance of duties normally expected of an official position of a governmental or intergovernmental institution.

The prize is awarded once a year, and consists of a plaque from the Founder and a sum of money which will not exceed US$ 100 000. It will be presented at a special ceremony during the World Health Assembly.

Procedure for the proposal and selection of candidates

Any national health administration of a Member State of the World Health Organization, or any former recipient of the Prize, may put forward the name of a candidate for the Prize. Proposals are made to the Director-General, who submits them to the Prize Selection Panel. The Prize Selection Panel recommends candidates to the Executive Board, which designates the recipient (or recipients) of the Prize.