Clean Care is Safer Care

5 May 2010

All health-care facilities registered for the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands annual campaign were invited to participate in Hand Hygiene Moment 1 - Global Observation Survey on or around 5 May 2010 by observing hand hygiene compliance with Moment 1 (before touching a patient). Following collation and analysis of submitted data, results for the overall compliance with Moment 1 by WHO regions and by professions can now be viewed.

Activities and events on or around 5 May 2010

Welcome to the section where we profile activities that countries, regions, hospitals and other health-care facilities organized in support of 5 May 2010 as part of the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global annual campaign.

WHO were overwhelmed by the number of communications they received about activities. As many as possible were placed on these web pages, however, it was not possible to add those received after 5 May. The team has stored these additional communications for reference and use when showcasing the global support shown for this annual campaign.

WHO does not warrant that the information contained in this section is complete and correct and shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of its reliance.


At the W Souk Ahras hospital in Algeria, hand hygiene education is being developed ahead of 5 May as a parallel programme to a promotional campaign about the Influenza A (H1H1). This includes a special programme on cleaning hands as a means of reducing infections.


Infection Control nurses from the Bariloche hospital area are, for the second consecutive year, organizing activities relating to hand hygiene in support of the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign and global call to action. These will include displays with decorative replicas of giant hands, availability of alcohol hand rub solution, hand soap and distribution of flyers.
This year, the celebration will not only be at institutional level but will also involve the whole community. This will be done through educational sessions and theatre for children of primary level, promoting the importance of hand hygiene as children are considered the best way to spread this important message throughout the community. There will be media coverage with events published via both the radio and television.

The schedule and activities intended to be carried out in the 77 public hospitals and 42 Nursing Training Centers of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, on May 5th 2010 are as follows:
Education tools and training material distribution for the seventy seven coordinators assigned to each hospital, from April 26th through to April 30th. Coordinators will be assigned by each institution, focusing efforts on the selection of: nurses trained in infection control, infectologists, and members of the institutional infection control committee.
There will be a call to the health personnel to attend a 45 to 60 minute meeting that will be held on May 5th. This will be announced from April 26th though May 4th in each hospital. In this meeting a power point presentation and the original video will be shown (in Spanish). Three posters previously chosen (in Spanish) will be delivered to each hospital for exhibition.
Material selected for the meeting is as follows:
1. slides for hand hygiene coordinator
2. Your _ Moments_For _ Hands _ Hygiene_ Posters
3. Slide number 16 and 17 (slides_for_and_hygiene _ coordinator) on format poster.
In the mean and long term, two additional strategies are proposed: the first one is an e-learning course that will include the video, the power point presentation, self-evaluation and its annual certification as well.
The second one will be developed by the Language Area and applied to the whole number of professional fellows of the Province of Buenos Aires (approximately 3.000 professionals). The full translation into Spanish of the WHO Guidelines and Hand Hygiene in Health Care (2009) will be performed as a Comprehension-reading activity. Thus, a double purpose will be carried out: language learning and spread of hand washing related knowledge.


Sydney Adventist Hospital Australia - This year for 5 May 2010 there are plans to celebrate hand hygiene in a fun and exciting way that encourages staff participation. Activities include: the creation of a ‘Hand Hygiene Tree’ - this will give staff the opportunity to commit to hand hygiene by using their hand print to make a ‘leaf’ to add to a tree; a competition for all staff to decorate a pair of gloves, with a ‘peoples choice’ award on offer for the winner; promotion of their hand hygiene e-Learning package and practical hand hygiene testing using glitterbug; celebration of improved compliance rates in hand hygiene since beginning an audit program; and hand hygiene education displays and information for staff, visitors and patients.


Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital in Vienna is conducting an activity in support of the WHO "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands" initiative on 5 May 2010. The hospital hygiene team has created an information card for health-care workers of different professions which describes the major points in regard to hand disinfection. The hospital will start to distribute the cards on 5 May visiting different hospital wards and involving the staff in discussions about the benefits of correct hand hygiene procedure. This card will be utilized throughout the hospital. The front of the card will always be dedicated to hand hygiene and the back of the card will have a changed topic every year. This year it will feature information about the issue of Multi Resistant Staphyloccocus Aureas (MRSA).


The Kingdom of Bahrain Hospital in line with its commitment to the promotion of hand hygiene and preventing infection in health care settings is promoting the WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands initiative for 5 May. There will be a three hour program scheduled to take place in the conference hall to deliver information to all health care workers of Ministry of Health hospitals on the importance of hand hygiene in prevention of hospital acquired infections. Several presentations will be covered including film shows prepared by the unit. Promotional gifts such as mugs, pens and notepads with the infection control logo will be distributed as workplace reminders to staff and for visitors and patients.

A hand hygiene detector will be used to show hand contamination and keep health care workers aware of vigilance in infection control and safer patient care. A quiz will be used to evaluate health care workers knowledge in regard to hand hygiene practices. An exhibition will demonstrate the last developments in hand hygiene products. Educational posters will be placed in most areas of the hospital and educational brochures will be distributed to health care workers, patients and visitors. Infection control nurses will be visiting the wards and departments to demonstrate the correct technique of hand hygiene to health care workers, patients and visitors. Finally, there will be distribution of evaluation cards to patients, staff and visitors on the hand hygiene practices for recommendations and feedback.

American Mission Hospital, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain has several activities to promote hand hygiene including lectures, videos of the 5 moments, audits of hygiene standards and giving hand hygiene information leaflets to patients and relatives. On May 5 special lectures, a poster competition for all Departments to participate in and a large hand wash banner to be placed on the side of the Hospital to increase public awareness are planned. Community events are also planned for the month of May.


The Public Federal Health Authority in Belgium has sent an information letter to all Belgian hospitals in order to inform them about the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative and to encourage them to support the initiative. A hand hygiene symposium will be held on May 3 in Brussels.

To follow the launch of the country initiative at federal level, Belgium's Ministry of Public Health is also providing posters in both French and Dutch to all participating health-care facilities before 5 May and asking them to hang them in the most appropriate places around hospitals on 5 May in support of SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands .


Hospital Albert Einstein - São Paulo has many activities planned in support of SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2010. The Hospital has formed a Hand Hygiene Campaign Group to plan and execute the following activities, in order to promote the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands:

  • Every healthcare worker will be given a free sample of alcohol-based product as long as they sign a term of responsibility - a commitment to perform hand hygiene correctly.
  • Healthcare workers will take part in a raffle (LCD TV).
  • The healthcare workers will also get a card with the five moments information which will be placed together with the hospital security badge.
  • There will be many fun activities in all the units to make health-care workers (HCW) aware of hand hygiene best practices and using alcohol-based product in the five moments: Florence Nightingale and Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis have been invited to interact with HCW; surveyors will act as shadows to follow HCW in their clinical practice.
  • In the employee restaurant a special meal will be served and the musical dance film made by the University Hospital Geneva on hand hygiene practice will be shown.
  • Bookmarkers will be given to patients, families and visitors engaging everyone in the importance of hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

In Hospital Infantil Albert Sabin (Fortaleza/Northeast Region), the infection control team is planning to

  • officially launch a Committee for the implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy. This committee will help the health care workers in the field of infection control to implement the strategy. The event will be attended by directors and department heads of the hospital.
  • participate in the global survey on 5 May 2010 by observing hand hygiene compliance with Moment 1.
  • give a presentation on the results of the first observation survey to health care workers.
  • publish a message relating to the May 5 at the site of the hospital.

The nursing division at ICr do HCFMUSP São Paulo plans to support the SAVE LIVES:Clean Your Hands First Global Patient Safety initiative with a program that will be implemented during 2010 with the following name: "Safety Care cleaning your hands". Activities which will be implemented on 5 may 2010 include:

  • Awareness among professionals, patients and families through information dissemination, training and education:
  • Development of an institutional video for all staff;
  • Training technique for all health-care professionals using a colored product before hand hygiene to demonstrate correct hand hygiene procedure when cleaning hands;
  • This training will be extended across the institution aiming to include all health-care professionals;
  • Patients and relatives will also be included with "Joy" doctors (clowns) demonstrating hand hygiene technique in an entertaining way for children as well as puppet shows for children and relatives instructing in hand hygiene technique;

Finally, banners will be displayed in all the entrances of the hospital.


UMBAL"Queen Joanna-ISUL"University Hospital is planning educational sessions on hand hygiene techniques. They have modified a rhyme to promote hand hygiene ' Twinkle, twinkle little star, Look how clean my two hands are, Soap and water, wash and scrub, Get those germs off rub-a-dub, Twinkle, twinkle little star, Look how clean my two hands are.


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Department of Health and Hospital Authority will jointly hold a ceremony of celebration to focus on SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, featuring keynote speeches by a number of international and local experts and dignitaries. The Health Authority has created many promotional materials to support this day and certificates of appreciation will be given out to nursing homes who participated in the WHO hand hygiene promotional programme and public hospitals who acted as WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy pilot test sites.

Chinese Hospital Association has issued an Advocacy Statement on their website to encourage health facilities to register to show commitment to be part of a global movement to improve hand hygiene in health care facilities and to carry out concrete activities to promote hand hygiene.


The Pablo Vibosa Hospital in Bogota are happy to support the global hand hygiene initiative and are celebrating hand hygiene with a specially created video about social hand hygiene callled "Asereje".


On 5-7 May 2010, a Hospital Acquired Infection Symposium will be held in the Sheraton Hotel, Zagreb. On the morning of 5 May there will be a key feature on promoting hand hygiene in health care in support of SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.


On May 5th 2010, the Department of Health Sciences of the European University Cyprus (Nursing students, Physiotherapy students, Faculty and Collaborators) will be organizing an Awareness Hand Hygiene Day. The Facility is registered with the Save Lives: Clean Your Hands lives initiative since 2009. The awareness day will remind and/or inform present and future health care workers about the WHO initiative, the Department's particitation, duty and above all commitment, to effectively practice hand hygiene at the point of care as well as to promoting hand hygiene as ambassadors in Cyprus.

The event will take place at the University premises (big auditorium) and is expected to gather over 350 people (staff and students). A presentation will be provided by the Chair of the Department and Hand Hygiene Coordinator. A Nursing student will also give a short presenation on his/her experience of hand hygiene during clinical practice in the hospital setting. A group photo, in uniform, will be taken to circulate in the local media and put up on the Department website, pledging a commitment to making hand hygiene the first priority. All participants will also be provided with a pocket size alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Dar Al Fouad Hospital plan to celebrate 5 May 2010 with a refresher program for doctors and nurses, with flyers, posters and quizes. It plans to celebrate the success of the WHO multimodal intervention in increasing the compliance with hand hygiene and reducing the rates of healthcare-associated infections.


In Tampere University Hospital, Finland, the Infection Control Department has sent a letter about May 5 hand hygiene initiative to 170 link nurses. The main event on 5th May is the annual meeting of infection control link nurses, which brings together about 200 such nurses from the University Hospital, district hospitals, health centres and care homes. Lectures on hand hygiene and bundles in patient safety and leaflets and posters on "5 Moments of Hand Hygiene" and "No Artificial Nails in Patient Care" are planned. Hand hygiene campaigning will be presented on the hospital Intranet with posters and videos for all health care personnel.


The Hopital de Frejus will be organising a hand washing demonstration on 5 May in the main hall of their facility which will engage both professional staff working at the hospital and visitors.

Maison de Santé La Pomarede is planning supporting the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global initiative by holding various activities related to hand hygiene on 5 May including: Powerpoint presentations covering technique and recommendations; Reminders of the hand hygiene procedures as set out by the Infection Control Team at their health-care facility; and Evaluations.

For the second consecutive year, the Bethune Hospital (Pas-de-Calais) is participating in he SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May initiative. The hospital's hygiene team will set up stands for health-care personnel, visitors and patients and organize activities demonstrating the use of alcohol handrub and share statistics on the use of alchohol handrub in their hospital. There will be screenings of a film on hospital-based hand hygiene and a quiz on hand hygiene in which patients will also be asked to participate.

On the heels of its participation in the 2009 SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign, the French Ministère de la Santé et des Sport has mobilized health-care facilities in France to register to a national campaign on hand hygiene as part of the wider WHO initiative culminating on 5 May 2010. Tools and resources have been made available to facilitate health-care facilities' involvement in the French national campaign.


On 5th May 2010, between 11:00 and 14:00, near the staff restaurant, the hygiene team of the Max Grundig Klinik, in Bühl, Germany, will offer the staff to complete a quiz about hand hygiene and avoidance of nosocomial infects with help of WHO's My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene and Aktion Säubere Hände . The staff will also have the possibility to test with a UV lamp if his hand disinfection is correct. Last year, more than half of the staff took part in the project, it was specially a good opportunity to inform individually the foreign staff about hand hygiene.

30 Seconds Of Hand Disinfection Can Save Lives!

The “Action For Clean Hands” was initiated by 2008 as a national campaign to improve hand disinfection in German hospitals under the patronage of former Minister of Health Ulla Schmidt. This programme is part of the WHO worldwide campaign to improve the safety of patients. This year the hospital and nursing home of the Stiftung Juliusspital are participating in the campaign. Using the motto “30 seconds can save lives” there will be educational presentations for employees, patients, residents and visitors. The following activities and presentations will be offered to our guests:

  • Project “clean hands” – trainees of the nursing school will demonstrate results of rip-off examination of the hands of employees
  • Protection by knowledge: Presentations on hand disinfection with practical exercises and self-eamination by UV lamp
  • Information on methods for hand care
  • List for employees to sign for improved hand disinfection
  • Quiz on hand disinfection with awards

On 5 May 2010, all employees of the hospital and the nursing home will attach a sticker on their working dresses to demonstrate their support of the programme. In order to prepare the project “Clean hands” educational presentations were offered to all employees. The participation and the feed-back was excellent. The main reason for our participation in the programme is to improve the compliance of hand disinfection of all employees.

On May 5 this year, the Knappschafts-Klinik Bad Driburg, a rehabilitation clinic for cardiovascular diseases, will participate in the "Action Clean Hands", a national campaign to promote hand hygiene in health care. In addition to presentations by experts on issues related to promoting hand hygiene in health care, there will be opportunities for practical exercises and testing of hand hygiene. Health care workers and citizens are being targeted.


The National Center for Epigemiology (NCE) will be organizing a scientific conference on 5th of May, where main points of WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care will be presented. The NCE has adopted these guidelines and elaboration of Hungarian recommendations on hand hygiene is underway. The NCE is currently conducting a survey to assess hand hygiene compliance in Hungary. The NCE has encouraged and has been facilitating Hungarian hospitals to join the WHO programme: Save Lives: Clean Your Hands. To date 48 hospitals have joined the programme in comparison with only one hospital in the last year. The NCE in its weekly epidemiological report published an article about the WHO Programme and Hand Hygiene Day. The National Campaign on Hand Hygiene is under development in Hungary.


The A.J Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore is observing 5th May 2010 as" HAND HYGIENE DAY'. The institute is a 100 admission BDS college with post graduate courses running in all specialities of dentistry and is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka. On this important occasion the principal of the institution, Head of the Department, Department of ENT will be talking about the importance of Hand Hygiene and the prevention of health-care associated infections. The college are also organizing a poster competition on the same day with the title being "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands".

On 5 May, the Infection Control Committee is organizing a program for the nursing staff and the technicians at Artemis Hospital, a 215 bedded Corporate Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana, titled the celebration of the global hand hygiene day. The program includes speeches from senior Infection Control Committee members, a presentation on hand hygiene, a quiz, a short video on hand hygiene and other activities.

Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur, will support WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative on 5 May 2010, by involving all doctors, nurses and other staff through following activities: signing a pledge for hand hygiene; distribution of specially designed badges stating “Ask Me Have I washed my hands?- Clean hands Save Lives”; demonstrations on the importance and steps of hand washing; awareness raising through quiz, education material, standee & screensavers. Pocket bottles of handrubs will be distributed among the staff for awareness and easy access to hand hygiene.


Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta Indonesia, is enthusiastically joining in with programmes centering on the improvement of Hand Hygiene practices in their healthcare facility. In the last year they have been carrying out compliance audits for hand hygiene amongst their staff and reporting regularly on the results. The compliance audit consists of the moments (5 moments) and the procedures of hand hygiene (6 steps). The results are then analyzed based on the categories of staff surveyed. On 5 May 2010 there will be several serial hand hygiene education demonstrations conducted, as well as setting the positions for the addition of handrub solution in the wards and outpatient facilities, and a competition amongst the hospital's healthcare workers on hand hygiene.


Galway University Hospitals (GUH) have planned the following activities for 5 May:
Hand hygiene demonstration and practice
Short film "Why GUH staff think hand hygien is important"
Hands up – match faces and hand hygiene messages to win prize
Hand hygiene quiz
Antimicrobial stand Protecting your hands
Waste management and Infection control
Hand massage.

In an effort to improve hand hygiene compliance at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda an initiative called “LAMH – Look at My Hands” has been developed.
The LAMH Initiative will be launched on Wednesday 5 May to coincide with the World Health Organisation’s Clean Care is Safer Care. The Lady of Lourdes Hospital commitment to improving hand hygiene includes a range of hand hygiene information and promotional activities throughout the hospital.
Launch of the LAMH Hand Hygiene Campaign and new education programme, two staff presentations will be provided throughout the day at 10.30am & 2pm
LAMH campaign – Look At My Hands includes initiatives/ activities which address motivation, culture, education and monitoring
Information display in main hospital reception area
Information display and hand hygiene demonstration at Health Promotion Corner, staff and public quizzes, handometer test
Children’s Poster competition and stickers


The Italian national hand hygiene campaign “Cure pulite sono cure più sicure” started in 2006 and has been coordinated by the national reference center for health care-associated infection based at "Agenzia sanitaria e sociale regionale dell’Emilia-Romagna". To date, 175 hospitals have implemented hand hygiene promotion according to the WHO strategy and a network of 41 intensive care units was selected as the pilot site for testing the WHO strategy of the WHO European region. The very encouraging results of the campaign were reported to participants in 2009. In 2010, in order to reinvigorate participation and sustain continuous measurement and improvement, all hospitals were invited to undertake hand hygiene observations in March and April 2010 and to share their results on the occasion of a national event on 5 May 2010. Ninety-six hospitals in 12 regions decided to conduct observations and to participate in the national event. In addition the campaigning hospitals were invited to take part in the Hand Hygiene Moment 1 Global Observation Survey launched by WHO on and around 5 May 2010. The related documents (Hand Hygiene Moment 1 Observation Form and Instructions) were translated in Italian and are available on the link below:


A Hand Hygiene campaign is being launched at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. The SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands CD has been utilized to highlight WHO 's My 5 moments for hand hygiene. It will be shown to help educate trainers and health care workers. The hospital is to have a poster competition, aimed at the medical students and nursing students, although any health care worker can participate. There are prizes for the winning poster(s). These will then be converted into flyers which will be used around the hospital as reminders. Prizes will be announced on 5 May.


In the Hospital Hôtel-Dieu de France, several activities have been planned for 5 May:
A hand hygiene stand will be set up in the main entrance of the hospital from 9 am to 7 pm. All hospital staff are invited to visit the stand and to take part in the UV lamp test after having "washed" hands with the fluorescent solution. Prizes will be awarded to those randomly drawn participants who were successful in the "hand-washing" exercise.
A film about hand hygiene (recorded at the hospital) will be shown and promotional gadgets will be distributed among all people who do the test. In addition, a poster which has been developed on 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene and the technique of hand hygiene, will be distributed and displayed in all wards.


The Seventh Maltese Infection Control Conference is planned to be held on May 5 at the Corinthia San Gorg Hotel in St. Julian’s The conference focuses on the theme: Working together hand in hand to reduce healthcare infections. Experts from UK and Malta will be speakers at the sessions.


In Hospital de Pediatría Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI, multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategies have been implemented over years with not completely satisfactory results. In this year, a new modality will be introduced which is the use of WHO hand hygiene observation method based on the My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene approach in order to evaluate the improvement. The monitoring and evaluation activities will be supported by other high-specialty pediatric hospitals and the results will be shared hopefully before 5 May.

The "National Pediatric Institute" in Mexico is planning an activity on 5 May. This facility has four floors with 26 different medical services. Their plans include placing messages in their hospital bulletin and conducting education sessions for children in which teachers explain hand hygiene and children participate in making hands which form a tree. This tree will be placed on exhibition in the hospital entrance. There will be displays relating to hand hygiene using soap and water as well as alcohol gel, the 5 moments hand hygiene technique situated throughout the hospital.


A survey on the wearing of rings and watches in Norwegian hospitals will take place on 5 May. This will be the kick-off of a campaign aimed at eliminating the use of rings and watches among Norwegian healthcare workers, along with a number of other activities, in support of SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.


In Central Hospital of "Instituto de Prevención Social", there will be activities related to hand hygiene on 5 May. These include a conference on hand hygiene, projection of a hand hygiene video, promotion of hand hygiene and 5 Moments approach by nurses and doctors, supervision of the handwashing and handrubbing techniques, poster display and distribution of stickers concerning 05 May campaign, and the news of the Day on the intranet pages.


At the Asian Hospital and Medical Centre in Manila, staff are continuing with their hand hygiene sustenance programme initiated on 5 May 2009. They are now in their 7th month of continuous hand hygiene education and promotion with outreach programmes in the neighbouring areas of Muntinlupa and San Pedro Laguna. Since October, they have been extending their work to in-house campaigns to strengthen and emphasize the role of hand hygiene in quality patient care as the most effective means of preventing the spread of infections. Dedicated to promoting WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign through 2010 and in the years to come.

Secretaries have been asked to send out an SMS message to support 5 May 2010 - 'CLEAN HANDS CAMPAIGN - The Philippine Alliance for Patient Safety (PAPS) would like health-care workers and hospitals to show support for the WHO's program to renew commitment to the Saves Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign. This May 5, we join WHO in renewing our commitment at 10am on May 5 - let's drop what we are doing and wash our hands for to show our support - KALINISAN NG KAMAY, KALIGTASAN NG BUHAY! Please Pass!' Due to the short period of time to prepare, the idea of promoting a Text brigade to encourage colleague surgeons and physicians to demonstrate commitment by washing their hands at exactly 10am on May 5 has been considered most useful.


Dr. Fouzia A-Naimi the Director of Nursing Affairs has told of plans in the State of Qatar for the 5th of May. CCiSC activities will be continuing with lectures for nurses and physicians and distribution of leaflets and pamphlets. The task force group are preparing for the third national campaign targeting this time the community as well as the health care services providers.

Saudi Arabia

Basharahil Hopsital in Makkah Saudi Arabia is organizing a 3 hour event on May 5th from 14:00-17:00 in the hospital main auditorium for all medical staff. This includes a power point presentation on hand hygiene, a practical demonstration of the proper hand washing techniques, a distribution of flyers for the 5 moments hand hygiene, and the IT department will install hand washing screen saver to be played in all hospital computers.


On the 5th of May 2010, Senegal will organize its second global hand hygiene day in Dakar. Most of events will occur in the morning, starting with a speech given by the WHO representative in Senegal followed by the Minister of Health. The national Guidelines on antibiotics use will be presented by Professor Ndoye and Professor Diop. A plenary session with discussions will be organized after the departure of the Minister of Health, in order to plan the future actions and to evaluate the difficulties that could be encountered by the PRONALIN programme led by Professor Babacar Ndoye.

The WHO APPS Programme (African Partnerships for Patient Safety) will be presented, in order to review current work status, perspectives and the main challenges. Industrial and financial stakeholders’ contributions will be expected during the day. Finally, the global hand hygiene day in Senegal will end with several awareness raising and information workshops on hand hygiene, where health-care workers and patients will be able to interact. The workshops will be organized by the FANN Infectious Diseases Service.


The National University Hospital of Singapore has organised a series of activities to remind staff on the importance of hand hygiene. Themed "Save Lives with clean hands", the campaign serves as reminder that everyone has a part to play to stop the spread of harmful infections in healthcare settings. One of the highlights of the week-long activities is a giant poster across the hospital façade to encourage all to wash their hands. This poster stands over 3 stories high and can be seen for great distances. In addition, a customised mascot in the shape of a hand, will be visiting the wards for the week to demonstrate and ‘test’ our staff on the 6-step hand washing techniques. Educational brochures on MRSA infection and alcohol hand rubs will also be distributed to patients and visitors. Signage is prominent throughout the hospital through this period.

A lunchtime presentation on May 5 with 90 invited guests will highlight the efforts to date including data of our exhaustive and robust hand hygiene audits and how this has translated to falling MRSA acquisitions on active surveillance, infections and now bacteraemias. Awards will be presented to those who have gone the extra mile in the programme.....wards, departments and individuals.

At NUH our data shows that hand hygiene and other strategies are bringing about real improvements in hospital acquired infections.


The Unit of Clinical management (UGC) Fortuny/Velutti of Granada will be participating on the 5th of May in support of the activities promoted by WHO relating to the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative with two programs.

  • Information display table with Graphics material about Hand Hygiene
    • Examples of the references guide for the hand hygiene of SAS (SITEMA ANDALUZ de SALUD/Andaluz system of health)
    • Reference Pamphlets with summaries for professionals
    • Hand hygiene Posters for professionals
    • Hand hygiene Posters for patients
    • Metal surfaces Memory Magnets
    • Bookmarks
    • Coloured fans printed with hand hygiene technique MSPS( Ministerio de Sanidad y Política SocialMinistry of health and social politics)
    • Envelopes with hand hygiene solution
  • Educational activity to advise health-care personnel
    • What is "hand wash"?
    • Correct hand washing technique.

The Hospital Infanta Margarita de Cabra (Córdoba, Spain), utilizing the publication and diffusion of the WHO/Patient Safety Programme, is developing an infrastructure, activities and establishing goals to follow the PatientSafety Program initiatives which will be improved upon every year. To support SAVE LIVES: Clean your Hands, Hand Hygiene and the 5 moments the hospital is promoting a day of Hand Hygiene on the 05 May. The agenda on this day will include topics that will be presented by speakers including presentation of the Patient Safety Program / Hand Hygiene initiative and Prevention of nonsocomial infections. Interactive sessions with will be held with participants from all health-care professionals and finally, experiences and results will be presented.

The Policlínica Gipuzkoa is preparing the following activities as part of its participation in the WHO initiative “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands” on 5 May 2010:

  • Registration on the WHO website, via the Commission on Infections
  • Preliminary oral and written information campaign about the Day
  • Placement of posters designed by the communications office: General Campaign poster, in the hospital foyer 5 Moments for hand hygiene; Technique for hand hygiene using hydroalcoholic gel (Handrub); Technique for washing hands with soap and water (Handwash)
  • Conference in the hospital Athenaeum chaired by Dr. José Antonio Jiménez, president of the Commission on Infections, with the prior invitation of professionals, patients, carers and the general public. “Prevention of Hospital Infection. Save Lives: Clean Your Hands”
  • E-mails to professionals with information on the event and an invitation to take part in it.
  • Distribution of informative cards with the “5 Moments for hand hygiene” and the “Technique for hand hygiene using hydroalcoholic solution”, among workers, patients and visitors
  • Distribution of badges designed by the hospital
  • Posting of information about the Day on the hospital intranet
  • Link posted on the intranet home page to view videos on Hand Hygiene
  • Screening of videos about hand hygiene in the hospital waiting rooms
  • Hourly screening of videos during the Day in the hospital Athenaeum
  • Messages which appear on the monitors of hospital computers when they are turned on
  • Press releases and radio interviews in the local media.

The aim of all of this is to raise awareness among professionals and patients of the importance of hand hygiene in the prevention of infections related to healthcare and to show the hospital's commitment to the WHO global initiative, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.

The Granada Sanitary district has started different activities at their participating centres of health in support of the SAVE LIVES:Clean Your Hands initiative. The Centre of Health of the Flowers/Figares has created a "POSTER" with the objective of making the importance of Hand hygiene highlighted by all the users (patients) that come to the Center for Health, that of preventing infection and sickness through correct hand hygiene procedures. This poster will illustrate correct hand hygiene technique to the users.

The Hospital Alemán are organizing a Hand Hygiene Campaign from 3 to 7 May, in support of the WHO global call to action on Hand Hygiene. One of the planned activities has been the design of a flag with the Hand Hygiene logo in the center, surrounded by the words: Clean Hands at the top and "Save Lives" underneath. The hospital wants to share this idea and suggests other health-care facilities might like to create their own flags to put on display.

In Hospital de Santa Maria, Lleida, a 150 beds hospital, a video was made with their staff , also including the Rythmakers video from the Geneva University Hospital . It is planned to transmit this video continually in the entrance hall of the hospital. During May 5, flyers and alcohol based handrub will be distributed in the entrance hall. The results of observation done during 4 months have been submitted to the Catalan Government Health Department, and observations will be done 3 times a year.

The infection control team in Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid, Spain will set up a stand for health-care personnel, visitors and patients in the main hall of the hospital. There will be screenings of a film on different issues related to hand hygiene and demonstrating the use of alcohol handrub. Professionals and visitors will have the possibility to test the correct application of alcohol handrub with a UV lamp. Leaflets containing information about the 5 moments for hand hygiene, alcohol handrub personal dispensers and hand lotion will be distributed.

Hospital Comarcal Móra d'Ebre, Catalonia, Spain is publicizing 5th May campaign news through the Hospital web page. The infection control team plans to disseminate the message to care givers and patients through posters on the initiative and on the '5 moments' and through the repeated showings of a "Hand Hygiene" video. A Workshop on hand hygiene is also planned for the hospital services.

On May 5, the Hospital of Valdepeñas, Spain, plans to hold 2 conferences on hand hygiene and glove use, show 2 videos on '5 moments' and the importance of the hand hygiene, distribute posters and flyers and publicise in local media.

Hospital de Puerto Real (Cádiz): Children at the Pediatrics Area of the Hospital, as well as Mental-care patients, will design posters on the topic "Hand Hygiene". In adition, the hospital has set up some workshops to teach patients and their families the importance of hand hygiene. Before this, perception and knowledge surveys for hand hygiene will be distributed among patients.

Hospital San Cecilio (Granada): Different conferences on the topic will be held, and some merchandising material will be distributed among attendants.

Hospital Regional Carlos Haya (Málaga): Informative and educational sessions are planned for the whole day.

Hospital Virgen Macarena (Sevilla): They will set up a stand for health-care personnel, visitors and patients in the entrance of the hospital. A video made with their staff will be presented during this day. Finally they will present the results they got on control of nosocomial infections.

The Mutualia and its two hospitals (the Ercilla of Bilbao clinique and the Pakea of Santo Sebastián clinique in Spain) will adhere to the 5 May celebration with 3 actions:
Emails from the Assistant Director to all the personnel of Mutualia (400 staff) with the WHO strategy and how this will be implemented in the organization;
The title page of the Gateway of Knowledge will reflect the news on the hand hygiene day and will go over the Mutualia strategy;
The responsible sanitary personnel will distribute a pocket bottle (100ml) of alcohol-based hand rub to all the active personnel.

Patient Safety Observatory, Andalusian Ministry of Health, is inviting healthcare facilities in Andalusia to register commitment to the global movement to improve hand hygiene, through their website as well as through their page on Facebook. On May 5 a new microsite, focused on Hand Hygiene, where healthcare facilities can download all material related to Hand Hygiene (posters, observation survey, etc.) will be launched. An interactive map featuring more than 250 Andalusian centres working on Hand Hygiene improvement is available online. An online community of centres and professionals will be set up on this microsite to share experiences, difficulties and possible solutions.

The Hospital de Tortosa Verge de la Cinta will participate in the global hand hygiene campaign on 5 May. There will be an information desk at the entrance of the hospital with gifts related to hand hygiene provided by laboratories. A screen will be put in place displaying videos chosen from the University of Geneva Hopsitals website. In addition, news of the Day will be reflected on the intranet pages of the hospital.

The Galician Regional Ministry of Health has organized many interesting activities on 5 May. The day will be started by a message on the intranet regarding Save Lives: Clean your Hands, and a link to access the results of the survey “perception of concepts in relation to hand hygiene and health care-associated infection among health care staff belonging to the Galician Health Care System,” which was conducted in November, 2009. All health care professionals will also receive an e-mail reminder regarding this global event.
Other activities in Galician Hospitals and Medical Centres include posters with the 5 moment slogan in all departments and public areas, information display tables at the entrances of the hospitals and medical offices with hand-out of stickers, book markers, brochures and mouse pads regarding hand hygiene as well as alcohol based hand rub.
Most hospitals will be projecting hand hygiene videos in the main entrances and ultraviolet lamps will be available for those wishing to test hand cleaning skills.
In the hospital complex, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago de Compostela, there will be a clean hands drawing contest among the children in the Paediatrics ward. In another two hospital complexes, the Complejo Hospitalario de Ourense and the Complejo Hospitalario de Pontevedra, a hand hygiene observation study in relation to the “Moment 1” will take place, as recommended by WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands initiative.
There will be media coverage on many of the events which are scheduled to take place on 5 May.

The Severo Ochoa University Hospital of Leganés in Madrid, Spain has joined the 5th of May initiative with posters all over the hospital, information desks placed by the main entrance during the day and afternoon with information for patients and professionals demonstrating the use of alcohol hand rub solution and all the professionals will have a lapel sticker with "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands".

For the 5 May, the Hospital "Francesc de Borja" de Gandia has planned 6 training sessions of 15 minutes between 10 and 12:30 in the morning for all the hospital staff, where there will be a PowerPoint presentation regarding the hand hygiene campaign for the prevention of health care-associated infections. Also, different information leaflets on hand hygiene will be sent to the hospital departments. During the talks, coffee and samples of alcohol-based hand rub will be distributed to the participants.


Activities in Jönköping County, Sweden, Hand Hygiene Day, May 5th, 2010. There will be activities at the three hospitals in the county, as well as at some primary care centres and dental service centres. The infection control team, together with chief medical officers and hospital CEOs, will be in entrance halls and in personnel dining rooms to inform and discuss patient safety issues, especially hand hygiene. A new brochure will be distributed to patients. The brochure informs on patients' rights to, and role in, a hygienic care environment. The brochure contains an enquiry form which patients may use to report on staff hand hygiene performance during the patient’s care. There will also be opportunities to train handrub techniques during the day.

Since 2006, there has been a system with observers who monitor for adherence to proper hand hygiene practice and dress code, as well as use of protective clothing in conjunction with health care activities. Today there are over 300 trained observers in the hospital system. Monthly observations are now compulsory in every unit and results are now included in a broader quality monitoring system that impacts unit budgets.

On May 5th Central Sjukhuset Kristianstad (CSK), the central hospital in the north- west part of the county of Skåne (situated in the most southern part of Sweden) will have an exhibition in the main entrance of their hospital with different pictures of hands – clean and non clean. There will also be a hand check for all personnel and patients will be invited to participate – to evaluate their hand disinfection. Brochures for ”Clean Care” will also be available.

Hygiensjuksköterska in Örebro county in Sweden has made posters to promote hand hygiene. Special activities will include providing information about hand hygiene to people coming to the hospital on May 5 through meeting with them and through brochures . A n automated hand disinfection box is available for everyone to use. Special hygiene staff will lead on activities on the wards.

In Kalmar County, Sweden, there will be activities related to hand hygiene at all three hospitals on May 5th. Outside the personnel canteens, the infection control nurses will inform about healthcare associated infections and the importance of hand hygiene. Personnel can also try a Handcheck to test their hand disinfection technique and thus participate in a lottery of watches that can be worn on shirts instead of on the wrists.


Among the many activities planned on 5 May at the Geneva University Hospital (HUG), Geneva Pr. Didier Pittet will give two videoconferences, one for Asia and another for America (both non-public). A dance group will visit the different units of the Hospital including HUG Paediatrics, Beau-Séjour and other sites. A Vigibox will be installed outside the entrance of the hospital for staff and visitors to participate in hand washing techniques. Programmes at the external HUG sites (Loëx, Trois-Chêne & others) include planning to set up manicure stands, a Vigibox, Sketch Théatroscope and a giant bottle will be displayed outside main entrance. A large wall in the main entrance is to be decorated and will remain on display for 3 days. Posters of the "5 Moments" and Save Lives: Clean Your Hands flyers will be distributed.

The conference room at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, Geneva, will be the venue for a hand hygiene event on 5th May, with activities such as hand hygiene films, demonstrations of hand disinfection using a fluorescence test with ultraviolet lighting, workshops about protecting health-care workers' skin, display of posters, distribution of flyers about the "5 Moments of Hand Hygiene" and a quiz about hand hygiene. Fruit juice, sweets and biscuits will also be available.

In Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte in Morges several activities have been planned for 5 May as follows:

  • Publication of an article in the internal journal of the hospital
  • workshops on promotion of hand hygiene for health care professionals, projection of films, and quality testing of the handwashing technique in different sites and wards
  • workshops encouraging both health care workers and mothers in the maternity ward to adhere to hand hygiene, distribution of flyers reminding mothers of the importance of hand hygiene
  • Display different posters as well as other documents related to hand hygiene in all hospital wards


The National Commission of Tunisia for the promotion of hand hygiene in healthcare met in September 2009 to develop activities for 5 May 2010. A National Hand Hygiene Day will be organized at the request of the Public Health Minister. The working group established to plan and implement the event will work with local and regional people as well as with the public and private sector.

The University Hospital of Hashed, Sousse and its infection control team celebrate Hand Hygiene Day on 5 May 2010. Activities planned for this day include a conference on hand hygiene and patient safety, displaying of a video on hand hygiene, presentation of WHO posters on hand hygiene, a quiz and demonstration of correct handrubbing technique.

United Kingdom

National Concern for Healthcare Infections, Patients for Patient Safety UK, are supporting the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign on 5 May by asking members who either have hospital appointments or have someone in hospital whom they will be visiting to no matter where or what they are doing at 11am spending two minutes washing their hands in support of the global activities and encourage members of staff to join in and support the global call to action.

The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board - Denbighshire Locality Office in Wales UK will be holding a drop-in learning event in the community for Health, Social and Voluntary sector staff to learn more about the importance of hand hygiene and will use glow boxes to improve handwashing technique. In addition they will be undertaking randomized unannounced visits to nursing homes locally to audit hand hygiene and offer the use of the glow box to all staff.

On 5 May, an awareness morning will be held in Spire Leicester Hospital showing the importance of hand hygiene. It include posters, word search and crossword puzzle. Staff will be shown how to perform effective hand hygiene.

The Infection control Nurses at East Sussex hospitals NHS Trust are holding a hand hygiene awareness Day in their 2 hospitals, at main entrance, from 10 am - 3pm. This will raise awareness for all members of the public and also staff.


  • The Committee of infections SEMM-Mautone has organized the following activities in support of the 5th May Clean Care: Safe Care initiative in all areas of the hospital:
  • Putting up posters in the reception of all areas of the institution
  • Showing educational films illustrating incorrect procedures so that the participating personnel can identify them.
  • Following this films will be shown the on how the procedures should be conducted if performed in the correct way
  • Educational talks about the importance of hand hygiene in delivering safe care.
  • The wearing of workplace reminder badges with green hands for all health-care personnel at point of care delivery

United States of America

Lake City Surgery Center, Florida aims to increase compliance with CDC hand hygiene guidelines to 95% and follow WHO hand washing techniques. They have improved the availability of alcohol-based handrubs throughout the facility. In addition to WHO '5 moments for hand hygiene' posters, and pamphlets for patients they will be using custom screen-printed white polo shirts for awareness raising among staff and patients.

Davis Memorial Hospital (West Virginia) will be conducting a Door Decorating Contest by departments in their Hospital in support of the WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May activities. Doors must be completed by May 3rd and will judged based upon impact and theme of the World Health Organization’s May 5th Save Lives: Clean your Hands initiative. A winning department will be announced on May 5th and a decorated Hand Hygiene themed cake will be awarded for their unit staff to enjoy. A hand hygiene video will also be displayed on the hospital intranet for staff educational purposes.

Akron, Ohio, USA: An Infection Preventionist working in industry will be hosting an Infection Control Practitioner Hand Hygiene Network on May 5th. The Network is made up of local infection preventionists dedicated to improving hand hygiene compliance in healthcare. At the May 5th meeting, attendees will review the results of a hand hygiene behavior study that the network members have participated in, and decide upon on their next hand hygiene research project. The network members will provide market research on a topic related to hand hygiene and infection control. They feel this is an appropriate way to acknowledge the message “Save Lives-Clean your hands” in spending an afternoon with esteemed colleagues passionate about infection prevention and hand hygiene, discussing best practices and research results.

The Village Hospital in Greer, South Carolina is planning to support the activities on 5 May by ensuring their health-care workers are informed prior to the event by sending informative letters to all staff to make them aware of the call to action. The Infection Control Practitioner will set up an interactive display showing the effectiveness of thorough hand hygiene and give away pens with a logo that will continue to remind staff to wash their hands.

A resolution to declare May 5 as 'South Carolina Clean Hands Day' was accepted by South Carolina House of Representatives. There will be a press conference, hand hygiene activities in hospitals across the state, billboards at various places across the state and advertisements in newspapers. There is a plan to do a swab test of the hands of the sponsoring legislators on May 3 and examine the resulting Petri dishes on May 5 in front of the press.

The Centers for Disease Control launch a new and improved website, providing and linking to many resources including WHO and CDC Guidelines, patient empowerment materials (including a new CDC-produced video for admitted patients and their families), features on technological advances in hand hygiene adherence measurement and links to state-wide hand hygiene promotion campaigns (e.g., South Carolina and Maryland). This website will be updated regularly to provide one-stop shop for tools and resources for hand hygiene improvement in healthcare settings. iScrub, a CDC-supported application developed by computer scientists at University of Iowa for the standardized and streamlined measurement of hand hygiene adherence, will also be available for free download:

Support is also given for two webinars promoting May 5th activities. On May 4th, one directed at physicians given by a key CDC expert on hand hygiene and an innovator in the use of computational epidemiology in hand hygiene monitoring and on May 5th, John Boyce, a primary author of CDC and WHO hand hygiene guidelines, talking on promoting hand hygiene in healthcare settings via Premier to an audience of infection preventionists, healthcare epidemiologists, and other providers.

A Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Press Conference will be held in Santa Barbara to commend Southern California Kaiser Permanente for committing to this initiative by adopting WHO My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene system-wide. It is scheduled to discuss the importance of hand hygiene and features Santa Barbara Host: Angelo Salvucci, MD - Chair of the California Commission Emergency Medical Services and Mary Jarvis - Southern California Kaiser Permanente Public Affairs, as well as messages from Professor Didier Pittet, Geneva, Switzerland, Betsy McCaughey, founder of the Committee to reduce infection deaths (RID), New York City and Matt Koff, MD - Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - Intensivist/Anesthesiologist.

At the Hospital of Saint Raphael the following activities were conducted to support the SL:CYHs campaign:

  • May 4th lecture + Univ of Geneva video presented to staff nurses at Nursing Week conference
  • May 5th lecture + Univ of Geneva video presented at Dept of Surgery weekly conference
  • Who How To Handrub poster placed on our designated sign areas hospital-wide
  • May 6th lecture + Univ of Geneva video presented at noon conference for Medicine housestaff and attending
  • May 4-6th audit by Infection Preventionists of hand hygiene compliance Before touching patient, using WHO Moment 1 Observation Tool with observations on multiple wards and shifts.

In addition, a presentation on the Premier Safety Institute teleconference on Improving Hand Hygiene was given and WHO SL : CYH and resources were highlighted - approximately 1000 individuals listened in during the teleconference.

Viet Nam

In the lead up to 5 May 2010, the Director of Hue Central Hospital has announced the celebration of 115 years of foundation hospitals (1894-2009) which includes promotion and awareness of hand hygiene. This will include a poster aimed at highlighting the importance of hand hygiene. In addition, the Faculty of Anti-infections and the Office of Nursing is organizing training in hand hygiene techniques.

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