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Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework global survey

WHO is inviting health-care facilities around the world to submit their Framework results online, as part of the WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework global survey. The objective is to obtain a picture of hand hygiene progress worldwide and to identify which areas of hand hygiene promotion and development need further improvement on the global scale.

How to participate

To participate, the health-care facility must be registered for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. Facilities already registered recently received an email inviting them to participate in the survey and including instructions and a specific link for accessing the online submission system. Newly registered facilities will be sent the same invitation email within a week of the date of their registration to SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. Online data submission is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Due to the continuous commitment and additional request from several countries the data submission system will be kept open until 31 December 2011. For any enquiry, an email can be sent to