Clean Care is Safer Care

Special update

30 April 2010

Dear Colleagues

In this special update:

  • New on the WHO web pages
  • WHO plans for 5 May
  • Action you can take on 5 May
  • WHO Twitter Channel

With just 5 days to go until 5 May 2010, many health-care facilities from around the globe are still registering their commitment! Thank you for continuing to enthusiastically support the achievement of hand hygiene improvement and the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands initiative, on 5 May and every day! By doing this you are truly part of a unique, important and successful global movement; by taking action you are seriously addressing the issue of health care-associated infection in your area.

As of 28 April, 8 173 health-care facilities have registered which equates to well over 6 million health-care staff around the globe committed to improving hand hygiene at the point of care. If you are linked or twinned within another health-care facility in another region or country why not check if they are registered and if not encourage them to sign up.

New on the WHO web pages

A new 5 May 2010 advocacy video from Professor Didier Pittet will be available shortly to download or stream from from our web site - take the opportunity to use this to help you promote 5 May 2010.

Spanish versions of the Hand Hygiene Moment 1 tool and instructions are being uploaded shortly.

Health-care facilities are invited to participate in a global survey on or around 5 May 2010 by observing hand hygiene compliance with Moment 1. To find specific information on data collection and online data submission go to:

Many more local activities from around the globe are being placed on the dedicated web pages daily; these demonstrate the actions being taken worldwide to promote hand hygiene action and the reduction of health care-associated infections:

WHO plans for 5 May

WHO is committed to a number of activities on this important day:

  • Issuing web based information on the burden of disease attributable to health care-associated infection, as well as a 2-year pilot study conducted in selected countries worldwide, which used the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy to address hand hygiene practice at the point of care. This will be of interest to facilities in all countries who are aiming to establish or continue with their own hand hygiene promotion programmes;
  • Launching the new Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework tool, which aims to allow for a situational analysis of hand hygiene practices and promotion;
  • Providing free, live webinars - Professor Didier Pittet will present on "Improving hand hygiene worldwide" at 8am and 3pm in English and at 4.30pm in French (all times are Geneva time, which means 7am, 2pm and 3.30pm British Summer Time).
  • Issuing up-to-date information on registration numbers and what is happening around the globe for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, and answering any enquiries you may have.

Action you can take on 5 May

Participate in the Hand Hygiene Moment 1 - Global Observation Survey.

If you don't have an event planned for 5 May, do something simple to raise awareness to hand hygiene, for example send a message to all in your facility using the new information on burden of health care-associated infection and evidence for using a multimodal strategy to improve hand hygiene, or by using the advocacy tools on the web pages or SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands newsletter wording.

Download the new Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework tool and consider its use to assess your current situation on hand hygiene promotion and practice

WHO Twitter Channel

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Claire Kilpatrick
Programme Manager, First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care