Clean Care is Safer Care

Update No 20

7 June 2010

Dear colleagues

In this edition:

  • A special thank you message to everyone committed to supporting SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands
  • Current registration numbers for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands
  • Resources available on the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands web pages
  • An update on the Moment 1 Global Observation Survey
  • WHO Infection Control webinar series update
  • WHO CleanHandsNet - what is it?
  • More about WHO Patient Safety

A special thank you message

Professor Didier Pittet, along with all of the WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge Team, continues to be overwhelmed by the response to 5 May 2010. The commitment and enthusiasm has been incredible at a time when many countries and health-care facilities face increasing pressure and barriers to providing quality care. All of the efforts are truly valued and appreciated. Not only have people taken action in their local settings but it is clear that many also advocated for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, ensuring its promotion in many other settings.

Commendation letters are still being issued to all those who registered in April and May, thank you for your patience with this process during this busy period.

The local activities for 5 May 2010 shared with WHO totalled over 100. Some of these included activities being undertaken in multiple facilities. Unfortunately some examples were not received until after 5 May and could not go on to the web pages, however the team at WHO have very much valued being able to read about these additional activities and they are all archived for using as examples of global commitment.

Current registration numbers

The current number of registered health-care facilities stands at 11 915 from 141 countries!

Again we thank everyone for their continued dedication to supporting this global movement, it is exciting to see both the number of registered facilities and the numbers of countries involved continuing to rise. This demonstrates the potential sustainability of both the global campaign as well as local actions to improving hand hygiene and patient safety on an ongoing basis.

Resources available on the web pages

The SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands web pages currently host a range of technical tools and resources to support improvement of hand hygiene at the point of patient care, on every day of every year, not just on 5 May.

The new tool, 'WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework', launched on May 5, 2010 has been the most downloaded document from the website over the 5 May period. This systematic self-assessment instrument, with which to obtain a situational analysis of hand hygiene promotion and practices within a user’s health-care facility, has also proven to be successful with the many facilities around the world already using it. This tool also provides a link to how best to use the WHO hand hygiene implementation tools available.

Remember, advocacy tools are also available, including a video message from Professor Didier Pittet which can be used at any time when events or meetings are held to promote hand hygiene among health-care workers.

An update on the Moment 1 Global Observation Survey

The Hand Hygiene Moment 1 Global Observation Survey is coming to its conclusion on 13 June 2010. Over 240 hospitals have submitted their Moment 1 observation data to WHO so far, with many more measuring compliance locally, motivating health-care workers to focus on taking action to improve and sustain hand hygiene. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this Global Survey.

WHO Infection Control Webinar Series update

15 June 2010, 3 pm (CET)
Principles of environmental cleaning and monitoring the adequacy of practices
Presented by John Boyce, New Haven, USA

29 June 2010, 3pm (CET)
The impact of an new global annual campaign - 5 May 2010
Presented by Claire Kilpatrick, Geneva, Switzerland

WHO CleanHandsNet

WHO CleanHandsNet is an informal network which brings together national/sub national level activities promoting hand hygiene in health care, either as specific hand hygiene activities or as part of broader infection control or patient safety activities. This is coordinated by WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge. One of the aims is to share experiences, learning from each campaign's activities. Currently there are over 40 recognised campaigns from different parts of the world.

More about WHO Patient Safety

Besides the First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care programme, WHO Patient Safety run a number of other programmes to support improvement in priority areas; this information should be interesting to all those working in health care.

This newsletter is sent with sincere appreciation for all of the ongoing support and commitment from everyone working on patient safety around the globe.

Claire Kilpatrick
Programme Manager, First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care

Previous SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands newsletters can be found at: and can be used to help you develop your own messages to encourage others to take action. Please cascade this and other SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands messages to as many as you can to help this global movement, the time is now more critical than ever.