Clean Care is Safer Care

Update No 3

3 April 2009

Dear colleagues

This update is the third we have sent out to our growing numbers of global stakeholders. With less than six weeks to go now until 5 May, the registrations keep flowing in.


We are delighted to report that this week we have a total of 1,985 healthcare facilities registered with a combined staff of over 1.7 million and more than 875,000 beds. The health-care facilities are from 95 different countries.

Why 5 May?

We have had some inquiries about the date 5 May. The date links the ‘fives’ together of the 5th day of the 5th month with the WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene. The aim, as outlined on the website, is to be able to officially promote hand hygiene globally on an annual basis every year on this day beginning in 2010. This year, we are starting with the registration programme, the revised hand hygiene toolkit, a 2-day technical meeting in Geneva, and some other initiatives that will be unveiled on 5 May. It is fantastic to see how many hospitals and healthcare facilities from so many countries have responded to this call to action. Some healthcare organisations have accepted the challenge already and have planned some exciting initiatives.

What’s On in May This Year?

In the United Kingdom there are national events and local activities planned. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are working together to raise awareness and promote good hand hygiene. Activities include issuing a joint media statement and announcing a United Kingdom-wide Summit on hand hygiene for later in the year. They are developing a simple interactive electronic game that is fun and educational. And, they are alerting all healthcare organisations with special letters from the Chief Medical Officers and Chief Nursing Officers in all four nations outlining the importance of hand hygiene and inviting their involvement.

In the Philippines, The Asian Hospital & Medical Center which is located in Alabang, Muntinlupa (in metropolitan Manila) has a packed 2-day event planned for 4/5 May. Activities include hand hygiene lectures, demonstrations, programmes for all available staff and patients, posters, photos and essay contests. The emphasis on hand hygiene is based around the WHO My Five Moments of Hand Hygiene.

Congratulations to everyone who is working to promote hand hygiene. Your energy and commitment is truly appreciated and valued. More details about these and other country activities planned for 5 May this year will be posted on the website shortly. If you are planning to do something, email us and we will include it in the next update.

Thank you for your continued support for SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands.

Yours sincerely
Dr Cyrus Engineer
Project Lead, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands