Clean Care is Safer Care

Update No 5

21 April 2009

Dear colleagues

With less than two weeks to go now, registrations are flowing in from all over the world and we have passed the halfway mark. Our target is 5000 registrations from health-care facilities by 5 May 2010. You can view the list here.


This week we now have a total of 2872 health-care facilities registered with a combined staff of over 2.5 million and more than 1.2 million beds. The health-care facilities are from 101 different countries and territories.

Viet Nam pledge

On Monday this week, 20 April, Viet Nam became the 118th country to pledge support for the First Global Patient Safety Challenge. The day was marked with the signing ceremony and a video of the event will be shown in Geneva on 5 May. Congratulations to Viet Nam and the organisers of the pledge event. This is an exciting step forward to further promote hand hygiene at the point of care.

Help us spread the word

Thank you for supporting SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. Help us spread the word by telling your colleagues in your and other facilities what is happening on 5 May and inviting their help. We have outlined a few ideas on the website including:

  • Take 5 minutes to talk to a colleague about hand hygiene on the day
  • Forward the WHO 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene to 5 colleagues
  • Plan an infection control forum and invite 5 people to talk for 5 minutes on hand hygiene
  • Invite 5 health-care facilities near you to register their interest
  • Challenge 5 collegial facilities to improve their hand hygiene compliance rates and measure the success.

Yours sincerely
Dr Cyrus Engineer
Project Lead, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands