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Infection control teleclasses

WHO in collaboration with Webber Training will deliver a series of free infection control teleclasses.

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Teleclasses 2010

14 December 2010 - Infection control in developing countries

N. Damani, Craigavon, UK

16 November 2010 - Epidemiology and prevention of surgical site infection

A. Widmer
Audio recording and slides will be available soon

19 October 2010 - Epidemiology and prevention of urinary tract infection

A. Voss

23 September 2010 - Strategies to control antibiotic resistance in healthcare settings

S. Harbarth

17 August 2010 - Hospital sterilization and disinfection procedures

S. Mehtar

We apologise that there were technical difficulties with the WHO webinar of 17 August 2010 and therefore no audio recording is available.

13 July 2010 - Epidemiology and prevention of hospital-acquired/ventilator-associated pneumonia

P. Eggimann

15 June 2010 - Principles of environmental cleaning and monitoring the adequacy of practices

J. Boyce

6 May 2010 - Impact of hand hygiene improvement on health care-associated infection

Dr L. Grayson

3 May 2010 - WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global annual initiative, the story so far

Dr B. Allegranzi & C. Kilpatrick

13 April 2010 - Proven strategies to control influenza virus transmission, with special focus on H1N1

Dr Seto Wing-Hong

16 March 2010 - Epidemiology and prevention of bloodstream infection

Dr Walter Zingg, Geneva, Switzerland

16 February 2010 - The modern approach to infection control

This lecture described the modern approach to supporting all health-care workers, at all levels to act on preventing health care-associated infections.

19 January 2010 - The global burden of health care-associated infections

The presentation, delivered by Dr Benedetta Allegranzi, gave an overview of the epidemiology and impact of HCAI in both developing and developed countries according to comprehensive systematic reviews of the literature.

Teleclasses 2009

5 May 2009 - Webinar with Professor Didier Pittet

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