Clean Care is Safer Care

Tools for system change

System change is a vital component of the World Health Organization (WHO) Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy for all health-care facilities. It refers to ensuring that the health-care facility has the necessary infrastructure in place to allow health-care workers to practice hand hygiene.

Key tools

Guide to Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy (revised August 2009)

Access this complete guide to initiating a hand hygiene improvement strategy and how to use the other tools.

Template Action Plan

A guide to help you create an Action Plan specific for your health-care facility

Tools for system change

Ward Infrastructure Survey (revised August 2009)

To collect data about structures and resources at ward level.

Alcohol-based Handrub Planning and Costing Tool (revised March 2010)

To help determine the feasibility of implementing alcohol-based handrub at your health-care facility. This is an updated version of the tool. There are some changes in the assumptions in section III as compared to previous versions. These are explained more clearly in the document.

Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations (revised April 2010)

How to produce alcohol-based handrub at your health-care facility

Soap/Handrub Consumption Survey (revised August 2009)

To capture data on usage of hand hygiene resources.

Protocol for Evaluation of Tolerability and Acceptability of Alcohol-based Handrub in Use or Planned to be Introduced: Method 1 (revised August 2009)

To evaluate alcohol-based handrub usage and the skin condition following use.

Protocol for Evaluation and Comparison of Tolerability and Acceptability of Different Alcohol-based Handrubs: Method 2 (revised August 2009)

To compare the acceptability of different alcohol-based handrubs.