Clean Care is Safer Care

Country campaigning meeting - August 2007

One of the key objectives of this meeting was to explore the opportunities for strengthening the global response to health care associated infections through the solidarity of a formal partnership of nations, each with a common aim - to address HAI through a focus (albeit not exclusive) on better hand hygiene compliance by health care workers.

The meeting facilitated in-depth sharing of the history and progress of national/sub-national campaigns. What emerged was a range of campaigns having several common features and differing in their extent and stage of maturity. The challenge posed by all countries concerned sustainability, with a consensus that this will only be achieved if hand hygiene improvement is integrated with existing infection control and patient safety activity.

The meeting resulted in general support for strengthening the partnership of nations, with the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety playing a central, supportive and facilitative role. Greater partnership between nations was seen as important in sustaining improvement and potentially assisting with spreading the aspirations and objectives of the First Global Patient Safety Challenge beyond its current reach, particularly to developing countries, moving the world towards cleaner, safer health care.