Clean Care is Safer Care

National workshop on health care-associated infection

8-10 October 2008
Buenos Aires, Argentina

A national event on health care-associated infection took place in Argentina on 8-10 October 2008. This was coordinated by the Ministry of Health, Argentina and the Pan American Health Organization. The three day workshop was attended by representatives from infection control and infectious disease teams from nine hospitals across Argentina. These nine hospitals are preparing to add the implementation of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy to their existing actions on the prevention and control of health care-associated infection.

Julie Storr represented the First Global Patient Safety Challenge Team, and was joined by Dr Marcella Hernandez, Infectious Disease Physician of the National Childrens Hospital in Costa Rica who shared the experiences of the official pilot site of the Americas.

Across the Americas, enhanced action on health care-associated infection is now being taken in Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago. This is being achieved through a focus on the strategies and tools developed for "Clean Care is Safer Care".