Clean Care is Safer Care

Summary of the multi modal strategy

The aim of the Challenge is to galvanize global commitment and action on the reduction of Health Care-Associated Infection, through promoting Clean Safe Care. Its focus has largely been related to the development and testing of new global consensus guidelines on hand hygiene in health care. The approach focuses on improving hand hygiene compliance by staff who work with patients in any health care setting anywhere in the world. The goal is to reduce both the spread of infection and multi-resistant germs as well as the numbers of patients acquiring a preventable health care-associated infection (HAI).

The WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care (Advanced Draft) make clear that it should be relatively simple for providers, in virtually every setting, to start evaluating, improving and monitoring the reliability of the hand hygiene infrastructure and practice immediately. This is the foundation for the WHO Multimodal Improvement Strategy which can be seen in its simplest form at the link below.