Humanitarian Health Action

World Humanitarian Day 2010

Statement by Dr Eric Laroche, Assistant Director-General, Health Action in Crises

Health assessments in Pakistan
WHO/Syed Haider Ali
Health assessments in Pakistan following the devastating floods.

19 August 2010 ¦ Geneva -- Today as we celebrate World Humanitarian Day, I want to pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of so many people around that world who work tirelessly in crisis situations, often under difficult and insecure conditions, to address the health needs of the most vulnerable to save lives, minimize suffering and provide urgently needed health services.

I have witnessed firsthand the awe-inspiring humanitarian spirit demonstrated by efforts at the community, national and international levels to help affected populations in such situations. The current crisis in Pakistan demonstrates the important work of humanitarians who are working around the clock to fight disease and reduce suffering.

Conflict situations and the increase of natural disasters will continue to create emergencies that require humanitarian action. So, today, in solidarity, we bring the world's focus to those in crises who need help and we thank those who work with them to provide care and relief.