Humanitarian Health Action

WHO Grade 3 emergency

WHO is providing essential medicines for basic health care in response to the growing humanitarian needs of internally displaced people in Tanganyika and Greater Kasai

26 September 2017 -- In this emergency project, WHO is providing medicines to about 100 health facilities in targeted health zones to reduce the impact of epidemics affecting IDPs and host communities.

WHO Grade 3 emergency

Cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

9 September 2017 -- The cholera epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo is reaching worrying proportions with now 20 out of 26 provinces affected by the disease and an incidence of more than 1500 suspected cases per week since the end of July 2017. The disease is already also affecting large cities like Bandundu-Ville, Bukavu, Goma, Manono, Malemba-Nkulu, Minova, Mokala, Kimpese, Uvira and some health zones in Kinshasa. The risk of spreading is still very high in the Greater Kasai region (central DRC) where degraded health and safety conditions further increase vulnerability to this epidemic

WHO Grade 3 emergency

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, WHO and partners rapidly and effectively coordinate the response to Ebola

6 June 2017 -- Multidisciplinary teams in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are faced with numerous challenges as they respond to an outbreak of Ebola virus disease in the remote, forested regions in the northern part of the country. WHO and other partner agencies led by the Ministry of Health have secured and set up a base to coordinate their work and end the outbreak as quickly and as safely as possible.

New technology allows for rapid diagnosis of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

27 May 2017 -- Laboratory testing of samples is essential to rapidly assess the scope and spread of any Ebola outbreak. Since the major outbreak in West Africa in 2014, an increasing number of diagnostic tools have become available to perform rapid initial testing of samples. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is using these new tools, as well as classic ones, to respond to an ongoing outbreak of the virus in a very remote area of the north east of the country.

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