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Humanitarian crisis and disease outbreaks

27 November 2012 - The humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has continued for more than 10 years. There are many factors affecting the health and humanitarian situation aross DRC. Conflict, population movements, a food crisis and disease outbreaks are taking place in a country with a weak health system. The health cluster is requesting US$ 39.5 million to address the health needs of the population affected by recurrent diseases in vulnerable areas.

Cholera situation in the WHO African Region

22 August 2012 -- Total of 55 185 cases and 1187 deaths have been reported in 2012 from 21 countries. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Niger, Sierra Leone and Uganda accounted for 92% of the cases and 88% of the deaths. WHO and other partners continue to provide guidance and technical support to the affected countries in the areas of multi-sectoral coordination; surveillance; case management; infection prevention and control; logistics; community awareness; cross border collaboration; and resource mobilization. Experts in these different areas were deployed in the field to support the investigation and response to cholera outbreaks.


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Fievre hemorragique a virus Ebola au Kasaï-Occidental

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Fievre hemorragique a virus Ebola au Kasaï-Occidental

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Investigation des cas suspects de fièvre hémorragique virale à Butumba

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2 December 2008 -- Massive displacement of population, weak health services and a lack of safe water and proper sanitation facilities have put the health of hundreds of thousands of people at risk in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Document Stratégique 2008-2010

Suite à la mise en place d’un nouveau gouvernement en février dernier, le Ministère de la Santé et ses partenaires nationaux et internationaux ont entamé un processus de restructuration du système de santé. Ce document donne un bref aperçu de la situation dans le pays et énumère les priorités stratégiques pour réduire la morbidité et la mortalité évitable dans les zones affectées par les conflits et appuyer les partenaires dans les zones plus stables pour la mise en œuvre de stratégies de transition.

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Populations déplacées interns dans le triangle Dubié-Mitwaba-Malemba Nkulu, Province du Katanga



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Nyiragongo volcanic eruption 17 January 2002

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