Humanitarian Health Action

Building up health response in the Horn of Africa


Ben Parker/IRIN

Government reports show that admissions to therapeutic feeding centres have increased by 42% between February and March 2011 and by 90% between March and April. The number of people receiving emergency food assistance has increased by 40% since April, reaching 4.5 million.

The global acute malnutrition rate ranges from 10.5% in Borena to 45–47% among Somali refugees recently arrived to the Dolo Ado camps.

According to UNHCR, up to 2500 Somalis cross into Ethiopia daily, half of them suffering from malnutrition. The camps are cramped, raising the possibility for further disease outbreak, and the provision of basic health services and emergency obstetric care is weak or absent.

Between January and June 2011, more than 4000 measles cases were reported. Two million children under five are at risk. Malaria and diarrhoeal diseases are a threat for over 10 million people.