Humanitarian Health Action

Haiti appeal documents


Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) 2011

Cholera Inter-Sector Response Strategy

Haiti Earthquake Health Cluster Appeal (UN Flash Appeal)

This response plan and appeal are based on an initial estimate of 3 million people severely affected, in the sense of injury and/or loss of access to essentials such as food, water, health care, shelter, plus livelihoods, education and other basic needs, and on restoring and strengthening state capacities.

Donating medicines and equipment

Medicines and medical equipment are an essential element in alleviating suffering, and international humanitarian relief efforts can greatly benefit from donations of appropriate medical supplies.

Haiti - Call for support for appropriate infant and young child feeding

UNICEF, WHO and WFP call for support for appropriate infant and young child feeding in the current emergency, and caution about unnecessary and potentially harmful donations and use of breast-milk substitutes


OCHA Flash Appeal - Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna


ONU Appel Transitionel Appui à la Stabilisation d'Haiti


WHO Resource mobilization

Support to the Health Sector during the Humanitarian Crisis (PAHO)