Humanitarian Health Action


Indonesia: Improving health services during emergencies

When Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia, erupted in October 2010, the lava flows and ash plumes hit many people unprepared. Around 350 000 people who lived on the slopes of the volcano within a radius of 10 km were evacuated to emergency shelters. But because they refused to leave their homes or returned while the eruptions were still continuing, more than 300 people were killed during the disaster.

Volcanic eruption: Mt. Kelud, Kediri-Blitar-Malang District, East Java Province, Indonesia

18 February 2014-- A hazard zone has been declared within 10 km radius from the crater. As of 18 February, MoH has reported 6 deaths, 15 missing and 83,674 IDPs across 89 camps. Local government response has included mobilisation and deployment of evacuation team, mobilisation of health posts, mobile health teams and three field hospitals, distribution of masks to the affected population and a rapid response team to assess the needs of affected.