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Indonesia: Improving health services during emergencies

When Mount Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia, erupted in October 2010, the lava flows and ash plumes hit many people unprepared. Around 350 000 people who lived on the slopes of the volcano within a radius of 10 km were evacuated to emergency shelters. But because they refused to leave their homes or returned while the eruptions were still continuing, more than 300 people were killed during the disaster.


Concerns about post-operative infections in Yogyakarta and Central Java hospitals

6 June 2006, Yogyakarta -- WHO is developing a plan of implementation with the Ministry of Health to provide pre-emptive immunization booster dose of Tetanus-diphtheria (Td) for the entire population over 15 years in the affected areas, totally for 1.3 million people. Simultaneously, one dose of measles vaccine will be administered to children between 6–59 months. Clearing of rubble from damaged houses will expose many to cuts, injuries and possible exposure to tetanus. WHO is also stressing the importance of providing the standard three doses of tetanus-toxoid vaccine, for anyone who has suffered injuries.

WHO urges the right kind of medical donations to Indonesia

1 June 2006 | Jakarta/New Dehli/Geneva -- The emergency continues in Indonesia, as World Health Organization (WHO) works with authorities to provide medical care to survivors, to acquire the right kinds of medicines and equipment, and to set up a disease surveillance system in the areas hit by Saturday's earthquake.

Earthquake survivors need medical care, safe water, vaccination

29 May 2006 | Jakarta/Geneva -- The World Health Organization is sending emergency equipment, and will help to support vaccination campaigns and set up a disease surveillance system following the devastating earthquake on the island of Java, Indonesia on Saturday.


Indonesia launches country's largest-ever immunization campaign to tackle expanding polio epidemic

29 August 2005 -- To combat Indonesia's largest recorded polio epidemic, which now threatens a broad swath of countries across Asia, on 30 August, 24 million children will be immunized during the country's largest-ever mass immunization campaign.