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28 March earthquake: Situation report 3

31 March 2005

Indonesia earthquake 2005
Indonesia earthquake 2005

This report is prepared by Emergency Humanitarian Action (EHA) Section, WHO, Indonesia. Reference: Earthquake – North Sumatra Province and NAD Province, Indonesia – 29 March 2005

History of the earthquake and place

  • A great earthquake was noted at 23:09:36 hrs, local time at epicenter, on Monday, March 28, 2005. The magnitude was 8.7 on the Richter scale and located in NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA. The epicenter was located 90 km south of Sinabang with 30 Km Depth 2.065 N 97.010 E
  • No Major Tsunami was reported near the epicenter.
  • The earthquake was also felt in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Cocos Island, Australia
  • Multiple aftershocks measuring 6.0 or higher in the early hours after initial quake. Latest aftershock reported yesterday at 11:19 pm, 6.3 on the Richter scale.

Area affected

Major affected areas are the following:

  • Nias Island, Nias Province, Capital Gunung Sitoli, Gido, Gomo and Teluk Dalam (District Capital of South Nias)
  • Simeulue Island, NAD Province
  • Pulau Banyak, NAD Province
  • Singkil, NAD Province

Population at risk

There are no definite estimates of the affected population hit by the earthquake.

Affected population

  • 100 reported dead on Simeulue island
  • 177 reported injured and 20 hospitalized on Simeulue Island
  • 40% of the main hospital has been damaged and there is no clean water available.
  • According to preliminary information received by WHO no one has been injured in the fire outbreak reported on 30 March 2005.
  • There is no water supply available in the hospital.
  • Tents are urgently needed to provide health services.
  • Death toll is widely expected to exceed 1000, the official death count was 518, including 220 in Nias island's capital of Gunung Sitoli, 100 at the island's second town of Teluk Dalam.
  • In Teluk Dalam an aerial survey indicates that there has been heavy damage and that 25% of buildings are destroyed.
  • On 29 March there were 20 medical evacuations and on 30 March another 50. Most patients were taken to Sibolga. Sibolga hospital has indicated that they have no capacity to admit more patients and that they will need to be diverted to Medan.
  • Landslides blocked road from Nias airport (Binaka) to Gunung Sitoli town.
  • There is no electricity, repair has been initiated. Meanwhile there is a need for generators.
  • As per WHO’s information, there are 11 medical NGOs present with a total of 23 doctors and 26 nurses.
  • The first health coordination meeting took place in Gunung Sitoli today morning led by the PHO with WHO’s support.
Pulau Banyak
  • An Indonesian disaster official said a further 200 to 300 people were believed to have died on the isolated Banyak island group, just north of Nias.
Singkil, Aceh Province
  • A joint mission by the Provincial Health Office (Banda Aceh) and WHO is planned for Singkil.

The Impact on Health Service and Health related facilities

  • Nias' main hospital is barely functioning. It lacks power and water, and fuel supply for generators and vehicles is running low.

Central government support

  • TNI is coordinating a regular ferry from Sibolga to Nias.
  • Central government has welcomed the support, both medical and logistical, provided by foreign military forces.
  • Ministry of Health as well as TNI have sent medical teams to help re-establish services to Nias

WHO / MOH response to the disaster

  • MOH and UNICEF are sending 15 trucks of supply to MOH warehouse in Sibolga.
  • Posko BAKORNAS Medan has sent a team of surgeons and a MOH assessment group this morning.
  • WHO will support BAKORNAS Posko in Medan and Nias since all aid is now to be coordinated through BAKORNAS Posko.

Provincial and district response to the disaster

  • Hundreds of bodies have been evacuated from rubbles.
  • Indonesian Military (TNI) has deployed 3 war ships, 4 helicopters, 2 airplanes and a battalion of troops for assistance in Nias.

Foreign support and response to the disaster

  • Oxfam’s first emergency batch arrived at Nias mid-day Wednesday with tents, food, water, body bags and fuel.
  • Australia increased emergency aid: 3rd RAAF plane, HMAS Kanimbla, 2 Sea King Helicopters, $1 million.
  • US Navy has sent 2 ships, USNS Mercy (hospital ship) and USNS Niagara Falls (supply ship), it is underway and should arrive in 4 days.
  • Australia and Malaysia to send Hercules C-130 transport planes loaded with equipment.
  • Care Australia sent additional 17 tonnes to its emergency supplies warehouse in Simeule.
  • SurfAid International sent their first team of doctors, nurses and communications specialists to Gunung Sitoli on 29 March and three more medics on 30 March.
  • 3 Singapore Chinook helicopters were sent to Nias
  • A Singapore team is expected to arrive 31 March to repair the airport and Nias Hospital

Immediate needs

  • Mobile medical service for affected victims, injuries and trauma care.
  • Shelter, water, food, including infant and supplementary food for children, clothes, blankets, sanitary measures and emergency lights.
  • Large heavy earth moving equipment.
  • Operational funding supports for health staff to be mobilized and provide health services to affected areas.
  • Special transportation services to reach affected areas and evacuate critically injured.
  • Satellite telecommunication support.
  • Infrastructure recovery including electricity and telecommunications

Contact persons in Indonesia

The following persons can be contacted if more information is needed.

Name Designation Organization Contact phone Fax E-mail
Dr. Doti Indrasanto Acting Head of Department Center for Emergency preparedness and response (PPMK) MOH 811173712 021-5271111
Dr Anshu Banerjee Field Operations Manager WHO 8121064878 +47-241- 37387
Dr. Kyaw Win (Vijay Nath) Medical Officer EHA, WHO 021-5204349, 811933821, 86811020053 (satellite phone) 021-5201164

Source of Information from Indonesia

Information is gathered from the following sources and is not subjected for quotation as it might not reflect the actual true facts at the field level but can be used as references.

  • International and local news media
  • Bakornas buletin
  • WHO teams in Nias Island, Simeulue Island, Medan, Banda Aceh and Jakarta