Humanitarian Health Action

UN flash appeal: WHO projects

Resource mobilization for Health Action in Crises
6 January 2005

South Asia earthquake and tsunamis

Through the UN Flash Appeal, WHO is requesting US$ 67,060,220 to meet health needs of populations affected by the South Asia earthquake and tsunamis. The Appeal aims to cover the January to June 2005 period in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, and-through a wider approach-ensure that the needs of inhabitants in all affected areas are being addressed to enable a balanced recovery.

Total requested amounts are as follows:

  • US$ 12,200,000 for regional activities
  • US$ 36,000,000 for Indonesia (8 projects)
  • US$ 12,500,000 for Sri Lanka (1 project)
  • US$ 6,085,000 for Maldives (7 projects)
  • US$ 275,220 for Somalia (1 project)


  • Surveillance and response. Tracking patterns of life-threatening diseases among those at risk through prompt set-up of a surveillance and early warning system with daily epidemiological reports.
  • Joint action. Coordination of health actors at local national and international levels, with agreed strategies and joint action.
  • Public health. Providing guidance regarding critical public health issues (response to disease outbreaks, water quality, chemical threats, chronic disease management and mental health).
  • Access to essential health care. Work with all partners to ensure equitable access to adequate quality of essential health care through key hospitals and health centres.
  • Medical supplies. Contribute to ensuring that medical supply chains function as efficiently as possible and respond to the needs of end-users.

Note: The preliminary budget for WHO's 100-day strategy-issued on 31 December and found at -has been expanded upon in the health component of the UN Flash Appeal covering the next six months. As more detailed assessments are undertaken, it is probable that identified health needs will further increase and additional funds will be required at a later stage.

For more information contact:

Marianne Muller
External Relations, Health Action in Crises
For resource mobilization
Telephone: 41 22 791 1887