Humanitarian Health Action

WHO appeals for urgent funds to prevent the collapse of health services in occupied Palestinian territory

10 July 2014, Jerusalem – The recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip raises concern about the ability of the Government and the Ministry of Health of the occupied Palestinian territory to cope with the increased burden of medical emergencies on the health system, given the high levels of shortages of medicines, medical disposables and hospital fuel supplies, and rising health care debt.

Referral of Patients from the Gaza Strip

Rafah border, October 2013

The number of applications for health access through Erez checkpoint was slightly less in February than the previous month. 13 patients (11 males, 2 females) were requested to attend interviews with Israeli security after applying for a permit to cross Erez.

Technical guidelines for drug donations

These Guidelines for drug donations have been developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in cooperation with the major international agencies active in humanitarian relief. The Guidelines aim to improve the quality of drug donations, not to hinder them. They are not an international regulation, but are intended to serve as a basis for national or institutional guidelines, to be reviewed, adapted and implemented by governments and organizations dealing with drug donations.