Humanitarian Health Action

Media and Multimedia coverage 2006

7 August 2006

WHO warns that fuel supplies are running dangerously short in many hospitals in Lebanon. Without fuel, lights, water, operating theatres, and life-saving equipment cannot work, further jeopardizing the health or those who need urgent medical care. WHO urges all parties to allow the safe passage of fuel supplies to the places they are needed.

3 August 2006

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that while medicines are essential to alleviate suffering and are a core element in the international relief efforts for Lebanon, inappropriate donations may cause more harm than good.

25 July 2006

WHO experts from Beirut and Geneva brief journalists and take their questions.

21 July 2006

An interview with Altaf Musani, WHO Regional Advisor Emergency and Humanitarian Action, present in Beirut, about the most urgent health needs