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  • WHO sypport to the humanitarian response in Lebanon

    Since 2011, Lebanon has received a massive influx of Syrian refugees. We now have about 1.5 million Syrian refugees spread throughout the country, and there is no single village in Lebanon that does not contain Syrian refugees. This represents a 30% increase in the population, and is the equivalent of 20 million refugees going to France. While 100 000 refugees across 28 Member States and among 500 million inhabitants in the European Union is considered a state of crisis, one can imagine the heavy burden on Lebanon and particularly on the health system.


  • 26 January 2015

    Epidemiological monitoring: heavy storm in Lebanon

    7 January 2015 a heavy storm swept through the country, with speedy winds, drops in temperature, heavy rain and snow on low altitudes, delaying flights and closing off roads in the mountains. Adding challenge for the over a million Syrian refugees living in tents in the country’s north and northeast. The storm caused 3 casualties and cardiac arrests were reported as the result of cold and low temperatures. Over a million people of concern are dispersed in more than 1700 locations throughout Lebanon, with the majority subject to the harsher winter climate of the North and Bekaa Valley.


  • March 2014

    This month focused on polio prevention with the third round of the polio campaign being conducted. The mass polio campaign targeted all Lebanese and non-Lebanese children under 5 years of age. Polio vaccination was available in all primary health care centres and vaccination teams went door to door in areas of high risk.

  • January 2014

    Syrian refugees in Lebanon

    The secondary healthcare system and its budget are stretched to serve all referral patients. Protocols were developed so that those in urgent need of care and life saving treatment have priority for interventions. Refugees are paying a cost share for healthcare. Those most vulnerable are receiving 100% financial support.

  • 16 January 2014

    Briefing on the response to the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic and neighbouring countries

    WHO delivered a briefing for donors and partners on the health situation and response in the Syrian Arab Republic, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Inputs were provided from countries on the health situation for Syrian refugees in the region including challenges and needs. WHO also identified strategic priorities and needs for 2014


  • Syrian refugees in Lebanon

    The latest regional situation reports on the WHO Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean website on crises in Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


  • 17 December 2007

    Needs assessment of impairments and disabilities amongst casualties suffered in the July-August 2006 hostilities in war-affected areas of Lebanon

    This report is to portray important facts and figures related to the consequences of the July war 2006 in Lebanon and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge on the long-term health and social needs of non-fatal injuries resultant of armed conflict.

  • 10 October 2007

    Health Cluster bulletin

    The Lebanon Crisis Health Cluster Bulletin gives an overview of the health activities conducted by all Health Cluster partners. It compiles health information received from the different organizations working in Beirut, South Lebanon, South Beirut and the Bekaa valley.

  • February 2007

    Nutrition information in crisis situation