Humanitarian Health Action

Nepal press releases


Russian Federation donates 3 mobile tents to support health activities

10 November, 2008 ¦ Moscow/Kathmandu/Geneva -- Flood-ravaged areas of Nepal needing emergency health facilities will receive three multi-purpose tents that can be used as mobile health facilities thanks to the Russian Federation and World Health Organization.


The Korean Foundation for International Healthcare for support of emergency work

15 May 2007--"The Korean Foundation for International Healthcare -- Dr Lee Jong-Wook Memorial Fund" (K-FIH) donated US$100 000 at the 60th World Health Assembly in Geneva, to the World Health Organization for support of emergency work in Nepal.


Interview with United Nations Resident Representative in Nepal, Matthew Kahane

2 February 2006--Matthew Kahane is the United Nations Resident Representative and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal. He spoke to IRIN about the hardship facing Nepali villagers and the measures being taken to prepare for a possible worsening of the humanitarian situation in the Himalayan kingdom.