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WHO statement on end of Ebola flare-up in Sierra Leone

17 March 2016 -- WHO joins the government of Sierra Leone in marking the end of the recent flare-up of Ebola virus disease in the country. As of today, 17 March, 42 days have passed, two incubation cycles of the virus, since the last person confirmed to have Ebola virus disease in the country tested negative for a second time.

Rapid response to new Ebola infection in Bombali, Sierra Leone

Ebola contact tracing team at work in the quarantined village, Bombali district, Sierra Leone
WHO/S. Gborie

September 2015 -- WHO is helping Sierra Leone to mobilize all its experience and partners to ensure that any new cases of Ebola are investigated and transmission of the disease stopped as rapidly as possible. Sad news that a 16-year old girl had died from Ebola in Bombali district, a part of the country that had a large outbreak 5 months ago, sparked an immediate inter-agency rapid response. Partners sent people with the skills and equipment needed to stop further infection in Bombali.

Sierra Leone celebrates milestone on road to ending Ebola

24 August 2015 -- Sierra Leone celebrated an important milestone on Monday, 24 August 2015. For the first time in more than a year, there are no people being treated for Ebola virus disease and no confirmed cases of Ebola in the country. Ebola transmission would not be considered ended in Sierra Leone until the WHO declares we have gone 42 days with no case. The 42-day period begins on Tuesday, 25 August.

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