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Sierra Leone maximizes protection against polio with new vaccine launch

23 February 2018, Freetown --- Today Sierra Leone officially introduced injectable polio vaccine (or IPV) into its routine immunization programme to maximize protection against polio. IPV is used in many countries around the world to prevent the debilitating disease, and will now be available free of cost alongside the oral vaccine at health facilities across Sierra Leone.

Ebola Virus Persistence Study Site Handed Over to Lungi Hospital

Representatives from the Government of Sierra Leone, WHO, SLAES, partners and the hospital attended the ceremony at Lungi

13 January 2017 FREETOWN -- One of the two sites used in the second phase of the Sierra Leone Ebola Virus Persistence Study was handed over to the Lungi Government Hospital on Thursday 12 January after the closure of the study. The facility and equipment which included three large tents, office materials, hygiene materials and other supplies will be repurposed for antenatal care and services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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