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WHO Grade 2 emergency

World Humanitarian Day: WHO urges more health aid to address Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis

18 August 2017 -- After 3 years of conflict, health-care resources in conflict-affected areas of Ukraine are severely stretched and humanitarian funding is plummeting. At the same time, health facilities continue to be damaged by heavy shelling. The health of millions of Ukrainians is hampered by limited access to health facilities and services, and by insufficient funding for humanitarian health interventions.

Ukraine - WHO Grade 2 emergency

Ukraine: Health needs soar as fighting flares in eastern Ukraine


3 February 2017 -- A large shipment of WHO interagency emergency health kits is on its way to help meet immediate health needs in response to the recent intensification of fighting and shelling in the eastern part of Ukraine. Thousands of civilians are living in subzero temperatures and many others are injured and urgently in need of life-saving medical care. The emergency health kits will address the health needs of over 300 000 patients for 3 months in Ukraine. Further suffering and loss of life can be expected if preventive and emergency response measures are not taken immediately.

WHO Grade 2 emergency

Health situation in Ukraine

Largest ever single delivery of medical supplies to NGCA of Ukraine, 22 July 2016.
Largest ever single delivery of medical supplies to NGCA of Ukraine, 22 July 2016.

1 August 2016 -- The conflict in Eastern Ukraine continues. Dailyexchanges of fire and movement restrictionscause military and civilian casualties, damagesto healthcare facilities and severe hindrancesto healthcare provision. WHO works withpartners to monitor the situation and to offerrelief to affected populations. WHO managed on 15 July to deliver58t of medicines and medical equipment toLugansk, the biggest ever delivery of medicalsupplies since the beginning of the conflict,supplying a lifeline for over 350 000 patients. WHO’s mobile clinics reached 232 287 persons but stopped in Julydue to funding shortages.

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