Humanitarian Health Action

Yemen health situation

Annual report

The EHA annual report 2013, covering WHO lead health emergency response in Yemen, is a reference document on the health impact of and collective response to ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country in close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP) and in partnership with the health cluster partners and the humanitarian coordination team in the Republic of Yemen.

WHO support to national polio immunization campaign in Yemen

Sana’a, 2 April 2014 — On Tuesday the WHO country office organized a meeting with journalists to inform them about some of WHO's activities and detail its preparation and technical support to the Ministry of Public Health and Population for a national polio immunization campaign to begin on 7 April 2014.

Country prepares to expand bilharzia treatment for millions

Yemen bilharzia infection levels drop by more than half

12 December 2013 -- The health authorities in Yemen have distributed more than 18 million doses of praziquantel to treat schistosomiasis (bilharzia) during the past 3 years, using over 45 million tablets.