Humanitarian Health Action

The Korean Foundation for International Healthcare pledged US$ 130 000

To reinforce preparedness and response in the WHO South-East Asia Region

23 May 2011 -- The Korean Foundation for International Healthcare – Dr Lee Jong-Wook Memorial Fund (KOFIH) has pledged KRW 150 million (approx. US$ 130 000) to support the assessment of preparedness and response capacities in the WHO South-East Asia Region (SEARO).

The project will use a set of 12 benchmarks developed by the Regional Office and endorsed by the Region’s Member States. It will help identify priorities in policy, community capacities, capacity building and early warning and surveillance, and inform future emergency planning. Dr Han Kwang-Su, president of KOFIH, and Dr Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General Polio, Emergencies and Country Collaboration (PEC) signed the agreement at a specially convened ceremony during the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly.

KOFIH has supported WHO projects in the SEARO Region for the last four years, focusing particularly on emergency preparedness, disease surveillance and response, and post-conflict system recovery.

WHO/PEC would like to express its sincere appreciation for KOFIH’s continued support to WHO’s emergency health activities.