Humanitarian Health Action

Analysing disrupted health systems in countries in crisis training course, Hammamet, Tunisia, 6-17 December 2010

Monthly Highlights - December 2010

Analysing health systems in countries affected by crisis is the basis for early recovery approaches in support of service delivery during protracted crises, and for recovery and development of the sector after a protracted crisis. A robust analysis is critical for identifying priority needs, facilitating an effective coordination of actors, and informing the formulation of policies, strategies and plans.

The fifth Analysing disrupted health systems in countries in crisis training course, a 12-day residential training programme, took place in Hammamet jointly organized by WHO, Merlin and the ICR. This session welcomed 21 participants from ministries of health, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, NGOs and UN agencies working in 19 different countries. Participants all had 5 to 10 years experience in humanitarian programming and greatly appreciated the unique content and value of the course. No other training programme provides such in-depth information on the topic.

The manual of the course is available online and a French and Spanish translation will be published in 2011. Residential courses, designed to introduce participants to the health systems analysis proposed by the manual, are held annually.

We would like to thank DFID, ECHO and OFDA/USAID for their support in the development and publication of this manual.

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