Humanitarian Health Action

Emergency responses funded through HAC from January to October 2010

Monthly Highlights - October 2010

Between 1 January and 24 October 2010, 45 humanitarian crises received funding channelled through WHO/HAC in Headquarters. The total amount - close to US$ 141 million* - can be divided roughly as follows:

  • Pakistan: US$ 43 million, of which more than US$ 31.3 million were dedicated to the response to the floods.
  • Democratic people’s Republic of Korea: US$ 15 million.
  • Haiti: US$ 13.2 million
  • Sudan: US$ 11.7 million
  • Iraq: US$ 9.2 million
  • 25 crises received funds ranging between US$ 47 500 and US$ 1 million and another 15 funds ranging between US$ 1 million and US$ 5 million.

Additional funding was also provided for the West African region as a whole, the occupied Palestinian territory and WHO/HAC’s functioning.

The graph below breaks down the various funds received by countries according to categories.

Recipient countries for funding received for WHO emergency activities from January to October 2010
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* This figure only compiles funds received through headquarters. More have been funded directly though the regional offices and country offices.