Humanitarian Health Action

Events 2012

Analysing Disrupted Health Sectors in Countries in Crisis

19 - 29 November 2012--Protracted crises, mainly those labeled complex emergencies, have a severe impact on health systems, in all their sub-components: policy development, planning, human resource development, financing, management, infrastructure and support systems. Unreliable and incomplete information hampers sound decision making, while fast evolving conditions increase uncertainty. This course focuses on analyzing disrupted health systems, using appropriate tools and reviews it’s main components. This more comprehensive analysis considers the bigger challenges that confront health systems in chronic crises: the damage at all of their levels and in their main components, the limited legitimacy and capacity of national authorities, and the unique opportunities for addressing their main weaknesses and distortions. The course uses casestudies, learning from successes and failures in health sectors of countries with similar income and context. The course takes a critical look at humanitarian aid and its politics. Participants analyze the agenda of key actors and formulate to adequate health sector strategies, plans and monitoring and evaluation systems.

International Day for Disaster Reduction

13 October 2012. The aim of International Day for Disaster Reduction 2012 is to acknowledge and appreciate the millions of women and girls who make their communities more resilient to disasters and climate risks and thus to reap the benefits of and protect their development investments.