Humanitarian Health Action

Global Consultation on Migrant Health,
Madrid, Spain, 3-5 March 2010


In a world defined by profound disparities, migration is a fact of life and governments face the challenge of integrating the health needs of migrants into national plans, policies and strategies, taking into account the human rights of these individuals, including their right to health. Not doing so creates marginalized groups in society, infringements on migrants' rights and poor public health practice.

Against this background, WHO Member States endorsed a Resolution on the health of migrants during the Sixty-first World Health Assembly in May 2008. This resolution asks Member States for migrant sensitive health policies and practices and requests WHO to promote migrant health, in collaboration with other relevant organizations; to encourage interregional and international cooperation and the exchange of information and dialogue among its Member States, with particular attention to strengthening health systems.

Guided by the above mentioned Resolution, WHO, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of Spain, organized a Global Consultation on Migrant Health in Madrid, Spain on 3-5 March.

For three days, some 100 participants from various government sectors across the world, representatives of non governmental agencies, United Nations agencies, inter governmental agencies, migration networks, academics and experts, worked together to review the obstacles to generating comparable global data on the health of migrants; to identify policies and legislation that advances the health of migrants; to identify key actions to create migrant-sensitive health systems; and to develop or strengthen national, regional and global platforms to foster dialogue between the various sectors involved in migration and health.

Report of the consultation


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