Humanitarian Health Action

Oslo conference

Health: Key to peace and prosperity

11-12 April 2005

The January Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) has opened up new opportunities for all across Sudan. The challenges are enormous. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health sector, where the threat from tropical diseases is constantly looming, where many preventable communicable diseases are endemic, and where the capacities of an already enfeebled health infrastructure cannot keep pace with the increasing demands of the displaced and those returning to their areas of origin after many years.

In preparation for the Oslo Conference, WHO would like to remind you of priority health sector interventions required to meet these existing and emerging needs.

Without your support, WHO's on-going operations will be severely jeopardized.

Attached, please find a brief summary of how WHO intends to help bridge the gap between humanitarian assistance and recovery, and thereby contribute to the objectives laid out in both the UN work Plan 2005 for Sudan and the Joint Assessment Mission (JAM). Also attached is a Consolidated Appeal for your reference.