Humanitarian Health Action

Presentations overview

WHO Conference on the Health Aspects of the Tsunami Disaster in Asia
Phuket, Thailand, 4- 6 May 2005

Master of Ceremonies:
Dr Sopida Chavanichkul, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Presentations at the conference represent the views of authors and not necessarily those of the World Health Organization.

Session 1.1: Opening Session
Chair Dr David Gunnarsson Chair of Executive Board of WHO
Video Message Voices from the Region World Health Organization
Welcome Mr Udomsak Usawarangkura Governor of Phuket, Thailand
Overview of the Tsunami situation Ms Margareta Wahlstrom Special Coordinator of the UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Assistance to Tsunami-Affected Communities full text
text [pdf 29.3 Mb]
Introduction to the conference Dr Lee Jong-wook Director – General, World Health Organization
Opening of the conference Prof. Suchai Charoenratanakul Minister of Public Health - On behalf of the Prime Minister of the Royal Thai Government
Session 1.2: National health perspectives on the Tsunami crisis
Chair Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh Deputy Regional Director for Southeast Asia, WHO
Rapporteur Dr Roderico Ofrin Emergency Preparedness and Response, WHO/South East Asia Region
Speaker 1 Dr P. Ravindran Director, Directorate-General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, New Delhi text [pdf 12.6 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.2 Mb]
Speaker 2 Dr Idrus Head, Health Manpower Education & Human Resources, MoH - Indonesia visuals [pdf 6.5 Mb]
Speaker 3 Dr Ibrahim Yasir Deputy Director Medical Administration of the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Maldives text [pdf 18.0 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.4 Mb]
Speaker 4 Dr. Than Aung Divisional Health Director, Ayeyarwaddy Division - Myanmar visuals [pdf 3.9 Mb]
Speaker 5 Dr H A P Kahandaliyanage Director General of Health Services, Sri Lanka visuals [pdf 5.7 Mb]
Speaker 6 Dr Supachai Kunaratanapruk Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Thailand visuals [pdf 2.8 Mb]
Session 1.X: Special session
Chair Dr David Nabarro Representative of the WHO Director General for Health Action in Crises visuals [pdf 3.6 Mb]
Guest Speaker Lieutenant General Robert R. Blackman, Jr. Commander, III Marine Expeditionary Force, United States Pacific Command; Former Commander Combined Taskforce 536 text [pdf 37.9 Mb]
Session 1.3: Health protection and disease prevention: a critical review of experience
Chair Ms Joanna Merlin-Scholtes UN Resident Coordinator, Thailand
Rapporteur Dr Jai Narain Coordinator, HIV/AIDS, TB & Other Communicable Diseases, WHO/South East Asia Region
Speaker 1 Dr Supamit Chunsuttiwat Senior Expert in Preventive Medicine, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand visuals [pdf 2.1 Mb]
Speaker 2 Dr Caroline Hyde-Price Head of International Office, Health Protection Agency, UK text [pdf 107.5 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.0 Mb]
Speaker 3 Dr Philippe Francois Dubois Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response, WHO/HQ text [pdf 9.1 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.2 Mb]
Discussant Dr Eigil Sorensen WHO Representative, WHO/DPRK
Session 1.4: Health services delivery: a critical review of experience
Chair Dr Jack Smith Deputy Assistant Secretary, Defense for Health Affairs
Rapporteur Dr Sheri Fink Visiting Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health
Speaker 1 Dr Steve Hansch Center for Refugee and Disaster Response, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health text [pdf 27.6 Mb]
visuals [pdf 4.5 Mb]
Speaker 2 Dr Abdul Azeez Yoosuf Director General, Health Services, Maldives text [pdf 25.7 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.0 Mb]
Speaker 3 Mr KOH Peng Keng Senior Director Operations, Ministry of Health, Singapore text [pdf 41.1 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.5 Mb]
Discussant Dr Dana van Alphen Region Advisor, Disaster Management Program WHO/PAHO
Session 1.5: Health policy and coordination: a critical review of experience
Chair Dr Pasqualino Procacci Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Rapporteur Dr Rodger Doran Head of WHO Office Ho Chi Minh City, and Coordinator WHO/EHA Programme for Mekong Countries, WHO/WPRO
Speaker 1 Mrs Sheela Rani Chunkath   Health Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu visuals [pdf 1.7 Mb]
Speaker 2 Dr Richard Garfield Professor of Clinical International Nursing and Director, WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre, Columbia University School of Public Health text [pdf 28 kb]
visuals [pdf 1.5 Mb]
Speaker 3 Dr Salvano Briceno Director, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Discussant Dr Anton Fric Regional Adviser, Evidence and Health Information (EHI), WHO/South East Asia Region
Panel 2.1: Assessing needs and measuring impact
Chair Dr William Aldis WHO Representative, Thailand
Rapporteur Dr Gerald Rockenschaub Regional Adviser, Disaster Preparedness & Response Programme, WHO/European Region
Panellist 1 Dr Yuri Gorokhovich The Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) visuals [pdf 4.4 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Shannon Doocy Center for Refugee and Disaster Response (CRDR), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health text [pdf 21.3 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.6 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Pisake Lumbiganon Khon Kaen University - Thailand text [pdf 48.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.2 Mb]
Discussant Dr Francois Grunewald President, Le Groupe URD Associate Professor, University of Paris text [pdf 20.7 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.0 Mb]
Panel 2.2: Surveillance, early warning alert and response: communicable and vector borne diseases
Chair Dr Collette Roure Adviser, Prime Minister's Office, Tsunami Relief Coordination Task Force, France visuals [pdf 745.0 Mb]
Rapporteur Dr Asheena Khalakdina Epidemiologist, TB Unit, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panellist 1 Dr. Kumnuan Ungchusak Director, Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand visuals [pdf 1.5 Mb]
Panellist 2 (1) Dr Media Yulizar, (2) Dr John Watson (1) Communicable Disease Control Manager, Aceh Indonesia, (2) Epidemiology Team Leader, WHO/Banda Aceh, Indonesia visuals (1) [pdf 2.7 Mb]
visuals (2) [pdf 651.9 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Augusto Pinto Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response WHO/HQ text [pdf 504 kb]
visuals [pdf 2.6 Mb]
Discussant Dr John Watson Communicable Disease Control Manager, Aceh Indonesia
Panel 2.3: Gender dimensions and human rights aspects to health response and recovery
Chair Mrs Sheela Rani Chunkath Health Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, India
Rapporteur Ms Della Sherratt Family and Community Health Department, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panellist 1 Dr Rashid A. Chotani Assistant Professor, School of Medicine & Bloomberg School of Public Health text [pdf 145.5 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.5 Mb]
Panellist 2 Mrs Ines Smyth Gender Advisor, Policy Department, Oxfam Great Britain text [pdf 58 kb]
visuals [pdf 1.3 Mb]
Panellist 3 Ms Katherine Burns Senior Gender Adviser, OCHA text [pdf 46.9 Mb]
visuals [pdf 824.6 Mb]
Discussant Dr Melania Hidayat National Programme Officer UNFPA Indonesia text [pdf 13.4 Mb]
Panel 2.4: Funding policies and practices
Chair Dr Pasqualinoe Procacci Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy text [pdf 71.1 Mb]
Rapporteur Mr Arindom Mookerjee External Coordination Unit, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panellist 1 Mr Tony German Partner, Development Initiatives visuals [pdf 570.1 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Michael O’Dwyer Senior Adviser, DFID South East Asia
Discussant Dr Gerd Eppel GTZ-Germany
Panel 2.5: Mass casualty management and hospital care
Chair Dr Agostino Borra WHO Representative, Myanmar
Rapporteur Dr Luis Jorge Perez Regional Adviser, Emergency Preparedness & Response, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panellist 1 Dr Tin Min Director Medical Care, Ministry of Health - Myanmar visuals [pdf 2.9 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Wilai Puavilai Chief of Medicine, Tajavithi Hospital; Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health - Thailand visuals [pdf 1.7 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Norimasa Seo Professor, Jichi Medical School-Japan text [pdf 180.2 Mb]
visuals [pdf 4.3 Mb]
Discussant Dr Nakhon Tipsunthonsak Head of Emergency Department, Khon Kaen Hospital-Thailand text [pdf 44.4 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.1 Mb]
Panel 2.6: Mental and psychosocial aspects
Chair Dr M L Somchai Chakrabhan Director General Mental Health, Thailand
Rapporteur Dr Vijay Chandra Regional Adviser, Health & Behaviour, WHO/South East Asia Region visuals [pdf 1.1 Mb]
Panellist 1 Dr Itzhak Levav Ministry of Health, Israel text [pdf 17.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 697.3 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Wachira Pengjuntr Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand text [pdf 23.0 Mb]
text [pdf 37.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 6.7 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Dinesh Bhugra Head of Cultural Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London text [pdf 24 kb]
visuals [pdf 843.0 Mb]
Panellist 4 Dr Nalaka Mendis Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka visuals [pdf 22.2 Mb]
Panellist 5 Dr Amal Naj Country Manager-Thailand and Indochina, Pfizer text [pdf 53.8 Mb]
Discussant Dr Mark van Ommeren Techinical Officer, WHO/HQ text [pdf 32.7 Mb]
visuals [pdf 573.0 Mb]
Panel 2.7: The first 30 days: organising rapid response
Chair Ms Natacha Emerson Humanitarian & Emergency AUSAID
Rapporteur Dr Arturo Pesigan Regional Adviser, WHO/Western Pacific Region
Panellist 1 Dr Lita Sarana Indonesian Red Cross text [pdf 35.3 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.2 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Nenette Motus International Organization for Migration, Banda Aceh, Indonesia text [pdf 37.0 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.7 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Dan Buriak Director of Supply Chain Management, Pfizer Inc visuals [pdf 4.1 Mb]
Discussant Dr Tim Randall Senior Research Officer, UK Defense Academy, Cranfield University visuals [pdf 515.4 Mb]
Panel 2.8: Water, sanitation, food safety and environmental health
Chair Mr Md Shafiqul Islam Joint Secretary Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh
Rapporteur Mr Han Antonius Heijnen Water Sanitation & Health, WHO/South East Asia Region text [pdf 34.8 Mb]
Panellist 1 Mr Deepthi Sumanasekera, Assistant General Manager (Rural Water Supply), NWSD Board, Sri Lanka visuals [pdf 1.6 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Vivien Walden Health Adviser, Humanitarian Department, Oxfam Great Britain text [pdf 30 kb]
visuals [pdf 1.7 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Michel Roulet Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Swiss Foreign Ministry visuals [pdf 6.4 Mb]
Discussant Dr Abdul Sattar Yoosuf Director, Department of Sustainable Development & Healthy Environments (SDE)/South East Asia Region
Panel 2.9: Repair and recovery of health systems
Chair Dr Bjorn Melgaard Director for Programme Management, WHO/South East Asia Region
Rapporteur Dr Maria Cristina Profili Medical Officer, WHO/European Region
Panellist 1 Dr Peter Heimann Scientist, EIP/SPO, WHO text [pdf 106.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.3 Mb]
Panellist 2 Professor Aryono Pusponegoro Professor, University of Indonesia text [pdf 115.7 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.9 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Edward O’Rourke Public Health Specialist, International Organization for Migration, Banda Aceh, Indonesia text [pdf 13.9 Mb]
visuals [pdf 4.1 Mb]
Panellist 4 Dr Antonia Kolokathis Vice President, Pfizer Inc visuals [pdf 2.0 Mb]
Discussant Dr Marie-Andrée Romisch-Diouf Director CCO, WHO
Panel 2.10: Reproductive, maternal and child health
Chair Ms Supriya Sahu Joint Secretary Health and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu, India
Rapporteur Mr Altaf Musani Regional Adviser Emergency and Humanitarian Action WHO / Eastern Mediterranean Region
Panellist 1 Dr Jane Schaller Executive Director - International Pediatric Association, Professor of Pediatrics-Tufts University text [pdf 29.6 Mb]
visuals [pdf 941.6 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Srivieng Pairojkul International Pediatric Association, Department of Pediatrics, Khon Kaen University, Thailand text [pdf 27.5 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.9 Mb]
Panellist 3 Prof Manouri P Senanayake Professor in Paediatrics, University of Colombo - Sri Lanka; President, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians text [pdf 22.3 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.7 Mb]
Panellist 4 Mr Patrick Brenny UNAIDS Country Coordinator, Thailand visuals [pdf 1.2 Mb]
Panellist 5 Dr Michael J. Rosati Technical Expert, Thailand Ministry of Public Health, Department of Mental Health visuals [pdf 1.9 Mb]
Discussant Dr Henia Dakkak Public Health Specialist, UNFPA visuals [pdf 1.0 Mb]
Panel 2.11: Food security and nutrition
Chair Dr Abdul Azeez Yoosuf Director General, Health Services, Maldives
Rapporteur Ms Zita Weise Prinzo Technical Officer, WHO/HQ
Panellist 1 Dr. Stephen J. Atwood Regional Advisor, Health and Nutrition, UNICEF visuals [pdf 2.0 Mb]
Panellist 2 Mr Patrick Webb Chief of Nuturition, WFP text [pdf 33 kb]
visuals [pdf 1.4 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Rachmi Untoro Director, Community Nutrition, MOH, Indonesia text [pdf 36 kb]
visuals [pdf 1.8 Mb]
Discussant Dr Rukhsana Haider Regional Adviser Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO/SEARO.
Panel 2.12: The health sector contribution to disaster reduction
Chair Dr Marc Gordon European Community Humanitarian Office
Rapporteur Dr Jean-Luc Poncelet Area Manager, WHO/PAHO
Panellist 1 Mr Marcel Dubouloz Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre text [pdf 45.0 Mb]
visuals [pdf 814.2 Mb]
Discussant Dr Salvano Briceno Director, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction visuals [pdf 2.4 Mb]
Panel 2.13: The role of media and communications*
Chair Dr Salim Habayeb WHO Representative, India
Rapporteur Ms Samantha Bolton Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
Panellist 1 (1)Mr Mark Jones, (2)Mr Naveen Surapaneni (1) Editor, Reuters Alert Net, (2) Director-CMS Media Lab, Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi text (1) [pdf 7.0 Mb]
visuals (1) [pdf 2.3 Mb]
visuals (2) [pdf 2.4 Mb]
text (2) [pdf 7.4 Mb]
Panellist 2 Mr Robert Dietz Public Information Officer, Western Pacific Region text [pdf 45.4 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.7 Mb]
Discussant Ms Harsaran Bir Kaur Pandey Information Officer, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panel 2.14: Contribution of non-governmental actors
Chair Dr Jorge Mario Luna WHO Representative, Maldives
Rapporteur Mr Rohit Malpani Forum Asia
Panellist 1 Dr Dawit Zawde President, Africa Humanitarian Action, Ethiopia
Panellist 2 Mr. Nallathamby Canagarathnam Project Director, Shanthiham, Sri Lanka text [pdf 52.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.0 Mb]
Panellist 3 Mrs Saulina Arnold Executive Director, Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association, India text [pdf 115 kb]
visuals [pdf 2.8 Mb]
Panellist 4 Dr Grete Budstedt Regional Health Delegate, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society text [pdf 16.7 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.4 Mb]
Panellist 5 Dr David Muriuki Medical Coordinator, Mentor-Initiative, Banda Aceh, Indonesia text [pdf 22.5 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.5 Mb]
Discussant Mr John Clarke Consultant Adviser on Partnerships text [pdf 35.6 Mb]
Panel 2.15: Civil-military co-operation in humanitarian health action
Chair Dr David Gunnarsson Chair WHO Executive Board
Rapporteur/ Panellist 1 Dr Randy Hyer Medical Officer, Civil Military Liaison Activity and Alert and Response Operations, WHO
Panellist 2 Admiral R. D. Hufstader RDML MC USN, Command Surgeon, US Pacific Command text [pdf 70.9 Mb]
visuals [pdf 726.0 Mb]
Panellist 3 General Dr Achmad Hidayat Head of Health Center TNI, Indonesian Military visuals [pdf 12.8 Mb]
Panellist 4 LTG (ret) James Peake visuals [pdf 4.5 Mb]
Discussant Dr Anshu Banerjee Manager WHO Programme in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Panel 2.16: Forensic aspects of disaster casualty management
Chair Dr Kantun WHO Representative, Sri Lanka
Rapporteur Dr Barbara Butcher Director Investigations, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, New York City text [pdf 12.8 Mb]
visuals [pdf 7.1 Mb]
Panellist 1 Dr Pongruk Sribanditmongkol Chiangmai University text [pdf 43.9 Mb]
visuals [pdf 2.3 Mb]
Panellist 2 Dr Tom Brondolo Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, New York City text [pdf 16.1 Mb]
visuals [pdf 5.4 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Theresa Caragine Director of the Low Copy Laboratory on behalf of Director of Forensic Biology (DNA), Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, New York City visuals [pdf 4.8 Mb]
Panellist 4 Dr Clifford Perera Lecturer and Medico-legal specialist, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, University of Ruhuna, Galle, Sri Lanka text [pdf 7.8 Mb]
Panellist 5/ Discussant Federal Agent Karl Kent Joint Chief of Staff, TTVI Operation, TTVI, TOT building, Phuket, Thailand visuals [pdf 1.2 Mb]
Panel 2.17: Private sector partnerships for health action in crises
Chair Dr Knut Ole Sundnes President, World Association for Disaster and Emergencies
Rapporteur Dr Milan Sannerkvist Emergency and Humanitarian Health Coordinator for Southern Africa, WHO/AFRO
Panellist 1 Dr Philip Hedger Executive Managing Director, International Affairs, Pfizer Inc text [pdf 16.4 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.0 Mb]
Panellist 2 Mr Brent Woodworth Worldwide Segment Manager, IBM Crisis Response Team, IBM Global Services text [pdf 40.4 Mb]
visuals [pdf 3.0 Mb]
Panellist 3 Ms Anne Hyre JHPIEGO visuals [pdf 1.8 Mb]
Panellist 4 Mr Terrence Cuddyre Citigroup visuals [pdf 362.9 Mb]
Discussant Prof Ronald Waldman Professor Colombia University
Panel 2.18: Logistics, Information Technology and telecommunications in crisis management
Chair Dr Terrence De Silva Deputy Director-General, Medical Services Ministry of Healthcare, Nutrition and Uva Wellassa Development, Government of Sri Lanka text [pdf 16.5 Mb]
visuals [pdf 836.1 Mb]
Rapporteur Ms Jyotsna Chikersal Informatics Support Management, WHO/South East Asia Region
Panellist 1 Mr Nigel Snoad Chief Information Office, United Nations Joint Logistics Centre visuals [pdf 1.5 Mb]
Panellist 2 Mr Brent Woodworth Worldwide Segment Manager, IBM Crisis Response Team, IBM Global Services text [pdf 22.3 Mb]
visuals [pdf 4.2 Mb]
Panellist 3 Dr Cherif Ghaly Chief, Information Technology Section, OCHA, Geneva visuals [pdf 1.3 Mb]
Discussant Mr Martin Catterall Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications WHO/HQ text [pdf 24.1 Mb]
Session 3.1: What have we learnt?
Chair Dr HAP Kahandaliyanage Director General, Health Services, Sri Lanka
Synthesising Rapporteur 1(Needs Assessment) Dr Scott Deitchman Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
Synthesising Rapporteur 2 (Coordination) Dr Kayode Oyegbite Senior Programme Officer, Planning and Coordination, Health Section, UNICEF
Synthesising Rapporteur 3 (Filling gaps in available services) Prof Ronald Waldman Professor, Columbia University
Synthesising Rapporteur 4 (Capacity building) Prof. Debarati Guha-Sapir Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters
Session 3.2: How can we do better?
Chair Dr David Gunnarsson Chair of Executive Board of WHO
Rapporteur Ms Elisabeth Emerson Border Health Program Officer, Thailand - WHO/South East Asia Region text [pdf 17.8 Mb]
Speaker 1(Measuring results in health interventions indisasters) Dr Paul Spiegel Senior HIV/AIDS Technical Officer, UNHCR text [pdf 37 kb]
visuals [pdf 276.0 kb]
Speaker 2 (Developing systems and capacities for health intervention in disasters) Dr Ellen Girerd-Barclay Indian Ocean Tsunami Evaluator, World Food Programme visuals [pdf 962.8 Mb]
Speaker 3 (Developing partnerships and resourcing for health intervention in disasters) Dr Danielle Grondin Director of Migration Health, IOM visuals [pdf 1.7 Mb]
Speaker (“Putting it together: what does a future stronger disaster response system for health look like?) Dr David Nabarro Representative of the WHO Director General for Health Action in Crises full text
text [pdf 421.1 Mb]
visuals [pdf 1.1 Mb]
Discussion 2
Closing remarks on behalf of WHO Dr David Nabarro Representative of the WHO Director General for Health Action in Crises
Closing remarks on behalf of the Royal Thai Government Dr Supachai Kunaratanapruk Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Thailand