Humanitarian Health Action

Health and the World Humanitarian Summit

The protection of health is a central objective of all emergency operations, whether this involves the rapid treatment of injuries or the safe delivery of babies.

Dr Margaret Chan,
WHO Director-General

The World Humanitarian Summit, scheduled for May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey, will bring together Governments, UN agencies, NGOs, private companies, crisis-affected people and others to set the agenda for humanitarian action for years to come.

Securing the health and well-being of crisis-affected communities is the primary goal of humanitarian action. This cannot be achieved by the health sector alone. In fact, every sector has a role to play in contributing to health. The success of collective, intersectoral, humanitarian action can therefore be best demonstrated through the measurement of health outcomes.

What is the World Humanitarian Summit

This 23-24 May, the global community will come together in Istanbul, Turkey for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit. Convened by the UN Secretary-General, the Summit aims to gather the best ideas on how to deliver humanitarian assistance more effectively and efficiently, to achieve real impact in the lives of people affected by crises.

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