Humanitarian Health Action

The aim of the Newsletter is to share information on the latest issues of concern to the Global Health Cluster.


October 2013

Health Cluster Forum 2013, the Global Health Cluster/ECHO surge project, WHO and Global Health Cluster Emergency Surge Team Training, Cluster Performance monitoring process, recommendations of the 85th IASC Working Group WG Meeting, the first World Humanitarian Summeti in 2016, Polio outbreak in Syria

May 2013

GHC core Croup meeting April 2013. Gloal Health Cluster partners' survey report. Cluster/sector performance monitoring process in Palestine. The 4th session of the global platform for disaster risk reduction.

March 2013

GHC workplan 2013. New member in GHC. Cluster Performance Monitoring process CPMp. Cluster performance monitoring process in Somalia. Update on the Transfomative Agenda. Update on the Syrian Arab Republic and neighbouring countries.

January 2013

Global Health Cluster (GHC) meeting 6-7 December 2012. NGO engagement in the GHC. Promoting standards and best practices. Global initiatives with Health Cluster implications. Health in the CAP launch 2013. Update from Mali.


November 2012

Building Health Cluster Surge. Predictable service coverage. global initiatives with Health Cluster implications. Key lessons learned.


Issue 2 - September 2010

GHC meeting in Geneva 10-11 June 2010; Health Cluster Coordinator lessons learned workshop; IASC Support missions to Nepal and Colombia; Effective NGO participation in humanitarian reform mechanisms; IASC gender e-learning; Inter-agency Field Manual and Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings; New guidelines; IASC report on the response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti; ECOSOC 13-15 July 2010 and IASC Standing Committee meeting 7-9 July 2010.

Issue 1 - April 2010

WHO and Inter-Agency Standing Comittee; Four ways of communication; Sub-National Cluster Coordination in Haiti - report from Save the Children; Global Health Cluster events; Workshop on GHC developed tools and core health indicators in Nairobi; Piloting the GHC developed tools; GHC co-chair meeting in February; Tool for monitoring the implementation of the Health Cluster; GHC position papers; GHC Nairobi meeting report; New CERF life saving criteria and Partners.