Humanitarian Health Action

Health as Bridge for Peace (HBP)

The role of physicians and other health workers in the preservation and promotion of peace is the most significant factor for the attainment of health for all" World Health Assembly, Resolution 34.38, 1981

Health as a Bridge for Peace (HBP) is a multidimensional policy and planning framework which supports health workers in delivering health programmes in conflict and post-conflict situations and at the same time contributes to peace-building.

Developing concepts and strategies

The HBP concept is multidimensional and dynamic and does not provide standard formulas and fixed sets of health activities, rather, it tries to enhance the capacity of health professionals to identify and adapt the strategies and actions more suited to a specific scenario.

Field experience

The HBP concept has to be supported by solid lessons from the field.

HBP Training

Field health personnel in conflict prone or affected countries need knowledge and skills in order to seek out opportunities for peace building.

Networking and advocacy

HBP requires the collaboration of organizations, institutions, individuals of various background.

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