Humanitarian Health Action

Health as a bridge for peace - Training

Field health personnel in conflict-prone or affected countries need new knowledge, attitudes and practice, as essential components of public health good practice, in order to seek out opportunities for peacbuilding. An Active Learning Packge (background information on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, tools for conflict analysisi and conflict resolution and negotiation) has been developed by WHO. Already, several training courses have been conducted an other are planned: In Indonesia, HBP taining sessions were hels from 2000 to 2002 at the national level and at the regional level in Maluku, North Maluku and Aceh. In Sri Lanka, 3 HBP workshops were held first at regional and the at national level, both brining together health workers from both sides of the conflict. Service delivery, advocay policy and training initiatives are the planned activities to follow up with HBP. HBP projects are currently being streamlined in the Consolidated Appeal Processes: a HBP project has been included in the CAP for Sudan and a similar project has been thourht for the Great Lakes CAP. :: Active Learning Package

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