Humanitarian Health Action

Meetings and conferences on migrant health

6th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health - California, USA 20-24 June 2011

The Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health is a five-day course taught by highly recognized international experts that offers a combination of lectures, workshops, and field trips, in various topics related to migration and health. Participants will be able to learn about the relationship between migration and global health from different medical, sociological and political perspectives, as well as learn specific tools that facilitate research and health promotion among migrant populations. Each annual Summer Institute showcases new research and topics, and participants can look forward to dynamic and engaging presenters and an agenda packed with the most relevant and pregressive topics.

Target audience is researchers, faculty, graduate students and professionals working with migrant populations around the world.

National consultation on migration health - Mombasa, Kenya 4 - 6 May 2011

The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, in partnership with IOM and WHO, hosted a National Consultation on Migration Health to reach a common consensus on securing quality and equitable health services for migrants and mobile populations in Kenya. The Consultation was attended by various ministries, the National AIDS Control Council, NGOs, academic institutions, migrant representatives and embassies. It also acted as a platform for World Health Assembly Resolution 61.17 on the Health of Migrants, which calls upon Member States to promote migrant-sensitive health policies, ensure equitable access to health promotion and to urge information sharing and best practices for meeting the health needs of migrants.

Migration and youth: overcoming health challenges 28 April 2011, New York

Report on a seminar organized by UNITAR jointly with IOM, UNFPA, the MacArthur Foundation and in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO. The seminar was part of the United Nations International Year of Youth (August 2010 - August 2011) and followed up on the recommendations of the 2010 World Youth Conference in Guanajuato, Mexico, which recognized that young people are fundamental stakeholders in the achievement of millennium development goals.

Ninth Coordination Meeting on International Migration - New York, 17-18 February 2011

WHO participated in the Ninth Coordination Meeting on International Migration organized by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations in New York on 17 and 18 February 2011. The meeting was held in response to General Assembly Resolution 58/208 on international migration and development, which requests the Secretary-General to continue convening meetings to coordinate activities regarding international migration.

The objectives of the Meeting were (a) to examine the development of indicators that measure the contribution of international migration to countries of origin and destination; (b) to exchange information on recent initiatives to build capacities on international migration and development, and (c) to discuss the contribution of United Nations agencies, funds and programmes and other relevant organizations to the Global Forum on Migration and Development as well as to the informal thematic debate on international migration and development which will be organized by the President of the General Assembly on 19 May 2011.

Global Forum on Migration and Development, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 8-11 November 2010

As a member of the interagency Global Migration Group (GMG), WHO participated to the 4th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to build partnerships between governments, public and private sectors, migrants, diaspora, civil society, international organizations and others.

Global Migration Group (GMG), 30 September 2010

During the Principals meeting of the Global Migration Group (GMG) in September 2010, WHO's application for membership was formally accepted. The GMG is an inter agency group bringing together heads of agencies to promote the development and application of relevant international instruments relating to migration and to encourage the adoption of more coherent and better coordinated approaches to international migration matters. It was established by the United Nations Secretary-General in early 2006 as a high-level inter-institutional group of agencies involved in migration-related activities. At present, the Group is comprised of 16 entities. The GMG issued a statement to the Global Forum on Migration and Development focusing on “People on the move, safeguarding the rights of migrants”. The Handbook on mainstreaming migration into development planning was launched by the IOM together with UNDP as a joint GMG initiative. The handbook includes experiences in health services delivery for migrants as well as a checklist to develop migrant health programmes.

Regional Dialogue on the Health Challenges for Asian Labour Migrants, Bangkok, Thailand, 13-14 July 2010

This event was organized by UNDP and IOM, in collaboration with UNAIDS, ILO, JUNIMA and WHO. It brought together 13 South and South East Asian countries. WHO took part in the event and its organization. The governments, who were represented by various relevant Ministries, presented their ways to manage the health of migrants leaving and/or entering their countries.

Second Ibero American Forum on Migration and Development (FIBEMYD), El Salvador, 22-23 July 2010

The Second Ibero American Forum on Migration and Development in El Salvador in July 2010, was called by the Ibero American General Secretariat (SEGIB) and co-organized by the Government of El Salvador, IOM and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). This year's Forum focused on the "Impact of the Economic Crisis on Migration and Development: Policy and Programmatic Responses in Ibero-America". The Forum's session on 'migrant health and social protection' reported that health coverage remains limited, despite progress in the social protection domain thanks to the multilateral cooperation among Iberoamerican countries. Identified proposals for action included the organization of a special session on migrant health at the GFMD in Mexico, broadening of the social protection instruments, and ratification of the Ibero American Multilateral Agreement on Social Security.

Global Consultation on Migrant Health, Madrid, Spain, 3-5 March 2010

Guided by the World Health Assembly Resolution in May 2008, WHO, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of Spain, organized a Global Consultation on Migrant Health in Madrid, Spain.