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Cholera outbreak
Cholera outbreak

This document offers a framework for the assessment of a cholera outbreak response, which will help to:

  • provide a comprehensive overview of the outbreak response;
  • pinpoint the main strengths and weaknesses of the response;
  • improve preparedness for and response for future outbreaks;
  • provide accurate recommendations based on WHO official guidelines.

First steps for managing an outbreak of acute diarrhoea

This leaflet aims at guiding you through the very first days of and outbreak.

Acute diarrhoeal diseases in complex emergencies: critical steps

Guidelines for Cholera Control

Sets out the facts and advice needed to guide public health actions in response to an outbreak of cholera. Noting that the introduction of cholera into a country cannot be prevented, the book stresses the many things that can be done to prepare the health services, educate the general public, save the lives of patients, and prevent the further spread of an outbreak. The objective is to help managers of national diarrhoeal disease control programmes and non-governmental agencies to make the most effective decisions, whether concerning the selection of medical supplies or the emergency response to an epidemic.