Humanitarian Health Action

Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Fact Sheets

Disasters and other emergencies often result in signifi-cant impacts on people’s health, including the loss of many lives. Every new threat reveals the challenges for managing health risks and effects of emergencies and disasters. Deaths, injuries, diseases, disabilities, psychosocial problems and other health impacts can be avoided or reduced by disaster risk management measures involving health and other sectors.

These advocacy materials are an introduction for health workers engaged in disaster risk management and for multi-sectoral partners to consider how to integrate health into their disaster risk management strategies.

The overview places disaster risk management in the context of multi-sectoral action and focuses on the ge-neric elements of disaster risk management, including potential hazards, vulnerabilities of a population, and capacities, which apply across the various health do-mains.

The accompanying fact sheets identify key points for consideration within a number of essential health do-mains.

However, importantly, all health domains are inter-linked; each fact sheet should therefore be considered as part of the entire set and in conjunction with the overview.