Humanitarian Health Action

Analysing Disrupted Health Sectors - A Modular Manual

This practical, experience-based, action-oriented manual on Analysing Disrupted Health Sectors in crisis includes: countries on the verge of an economic, political and/or military catastrophe, protracted crises and situations of transition from disaster to recovery. The intended users are apprentice analysts, already with field experience, familiar with quantitative techniques, attempting to analyse a disrupted health sector.

The manual offers materials for use, rather than for reading. It is supposed to become a companion, kept on the desk by the apprentice analyst and consulted as the need arises. A great deal of adaptation to each single troubled context of the materials included in the toolkit must be anticipated by the user.

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Carmen Aramburu, Guitelle Baghdadi, Mark Beesley, Imanol Berakoetxea, Sarah Bernhardt, Oleg Bilukha, Olga Bornemisza, Emmanuel Capobianco, Jarl Chabot, Giorgio Cometto, Renato Correggia, Bart Criel, Amélia Cumbi, John Dewdney, Jorge Dupret, Joaquim Ramalho Durão, Gyuri Fritsche, Richard Garfield, Olivier de Gomme, Peter Graaf, André Griekspoor, Roger Hay, Peter S. Hill, Rizwan Humayn, Adrei Issakow, Omar Juma Khatib, Christopher Lane, Adam Levine, Alessandro Loretti, George McGuire, Markus Michael, Xavier Modol, Karen Moore, Patrick Mullen, Maurizio Murru, Roberto Nannini, Sam Okuonzi, Nigerl Pearson, Thierry Rivol, Rino Scuccato, Malcolm Segall, Dean Shuey, Joyce Smith, Paul Spiegel, Phyllida Travis, Lieve van der Paal, Robert Verhage, Claude de Ville de Goyet, Ferruccio Vio, Gill Walt, Michel Yao, Dörte Wein, Anna Whelan, Anthony Zwi.

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