Humanitarian Health Action

Managing WHO Humanitarian Response in the Field


PART I – Framework for WHO Response

1. Objectives, key functions and principles

2. The response planning and management processes

PART II – Planning and managing the WHO response

3. Determining whether – and what kind of – WHO response is needed

4. Leading and enabling the WHO response

5. Assuring health information, assessment, situation analysis and monitoring

6 Defining objectives and preparing an action plan

7. Planning and implementing projects; preparing appeals

8. Assuring effective communications

9. Promoting coordinated health action and best practices

10. Planning and managing WHO programme support activities

11. Phasing out

PART III – Annexes

Annex A – Materials on the effects and priorities in different types of emergency

Annex B – Materials for leading and enabling the WHO response

Annex C – Materials for planning and managing the WHO programme (ref. chapters 4 & 7)

Annex D – Materials for planning and managing WHO “operations” (ref. chapter 8)

Annex E – Materials relating to information and analysis (ref. chapter 5)

Annex F – Materials relating to coordination (ref. chapter 6)

Annex G – Personal skills and conduct

Annex H – Security and critical incident management