Humanitarian Health Action

Policy and Strategy for WHO/EHA action in Disasters

Programme coordination mechanisms

Management and coordination mechanisms will ensure that:

  • Strategy and workplans are developed according to overall WHO policy and strategy for the operation, and implementation is linked and monitored;
  • Supervision and guidance is provided to staff members on issues related to administration, logistics, security, travel, finance, human resources, reporting etc.;
  • Internal WHO coordination occurs through:
    • Senior management meetings between the field and the WRO;
    • Senior staff meetings in the field and in the WRO;
    • Staff meetings in the field and in WRO;
    • Ongoing technical liaison between the field, the WRO, the RO and HQ;
  • External coordination occurs with:
    • District/ Provincial/ Ministry of Health officers;
    • UN Agencies, NGO, donors, institutes, etc.;