Humanitarian Health Action

Public Health Pre-Deployment Training

26 November - 8 December, Geneva, Switzerland

The second pilot course was held from 26 November to 8 December 2006 in Chavannes de Bogis, Switzerland.

This course was designed and piloted by WHO at the end of 2005 (under the name of HEARNET) as an important step in improving the capacity of the international humanitarian community's response to emergencies and crises. Since then, the course has been reviewed based on the feedback from participants, a detailed review by internal and external experts, and lessons learnt in the South East Asia earthquake and the Lebanon crises. This course integrates the humanitarian reforms and the new mechanisms including the health cluster system that has been created for improved humanitarian response.

The 2006 course was co-sponsored by the Government of Russian Federation and was launched simultaneously as WHO establishes new procedures for rapid deployment of public health teams in crises including the establishment of a public health response roster. Participants who successfully completed the course and met minimum performance requirements during the course will be invited to be on this roster.

Health Emergency Action Response Network

The first pilot course was held from 13 to 26 November 2005 in Chavannes de Bogis. The course was aimed at personnel for humanitarian health teams and was designed to improve joint working at country level.