Humanitarian Health Action

Methodology of the course

Group work exercise

The course is geared towards adult learning and uses participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including lecture/presentation, discussions, debates, group work, video discussions, question and answers, demonstrations, practical sessions (hands-on practice), small and large group exercises, role plays and simulations.

Participants will be given reading material one month before the course, and will be required to complete 15 to 20 hours of preparatory work on which they may be tested in order to understand their level of knowledge and understanding in key areas.

Course participants will be required to complete pre- and post-course tests. Each participant will be assessed throughout the course for suitability for field deployment.

A two-week residential course covering:

essential public health knowledge and tools in emergencies, the changing humanitarian context, "personal effectiveness" skills development and operational safety and skills.

Successful candidates will be nominated for inclusion in WHO’s rapid deployment roster.