Humanitarian Health Action

Outcomes of the course

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the core functions of humanitarian health action in crises and disasters;
  • Develop feasible approaches to working in ethically and politically complex circumstances by applying accepted humanitarian principles and good public health practices;
  • Take full advantage of the international humanitarian system to deliver specific products and services as required by situation-specific health assistance strategies;
  • Work successfully as part of a multi-national and multi-agency team effort within the health cluster mechanism to achieve collective results including at field level;
  • Protect own health, safety, and security, and that of counterparts and colleagues, while operating in harsh or dangerous environments;
  • Understand the critical components and services of health action in crises and be able to contribute to them in a standardized and predictable manner;
  • Apply health crisis tools and techniques and adapt them to specific crises;
  • Understand and comply with administrative, financial, personnel, reporting systems and standard operating procedure for health crises;
  • Transform health priorities in crises into fundable projects so that critical health gaps can be filled.