Humanitarian Health Action

Public Health Pre-Deployment Course (PHPD)

Organized by the WHO Cluster for Health Action in Crises (HAC) together with WHO Mediterranean Centre for Health Risk Reduction (WMC).

Interested parties are advised to carefully go through the Course announcement before sending their application.

Emergencies, disasters and other crises are increasing in number and magnitude, and are affecting multitude of vulnerable and unprotected people. Public health systems and social safety nets in many countries become further weakened and are easily overwhelmed. The added value of humanitarian work is also challenged, and reforms to improve quality, accountability and predictability of response are changing the ways humanitarian organizations work.

Tentative schedule of PHPD Courses in 2009:

Fall 2009 - Hammamet, Tunisia.

Further details concerning PHPD6 and other courses will be communicated at a later date. Kindly check this website from April 2009.

Most countries have nowadays national response, inter-country and regional response mechanisms that require to be complemented by international assistance in case of crises. Therefore, the humanitarian community needs an adequate pool of dedicated, qualified and experienced public health professionals who are properly trained to appropriately and sufficiently support these countries during the critical phases of a major emergency, disaster or humanitarian crisis. These are professionals who are not only technically equipped with the best practices and tools in public health in emergencies, but also with management and operational skills required in the delivery of coordinated, integrated and equitable public health action in challenging, rapidly-changing, chaotic and sometimes insecure environments.

The organizers are committed to strengthening the national response capability by preparing and mobilizing the international humanitarian community's capacity to address public health priorities in emergencies, and thereby reducing loss of lives and the burden of disease and disability. Through the Public Health Pre-Deployment (PHPD) Course, WHO and associate organizers contribute in preparing public health and other professionals, who are already experts in their specific fields or experienced in emergency settings, to work effectively and safely in emergency and crisis situations. These professionals are first of all expected to effectively and efficiently work with national emergency health teams, and with the health cluster and other clusters at country level. In this Course, emphasis will be given to crises situations that could affect countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and placed in the context of how emergency response mechanisms at various levels complement to address priority public health needs of affected populations.

This intensive two-week residential Course is delivered by a pool of experienced humanitarian and health experts drawn from the Member States, the UN system, academic and technical institutions as well as from non-governmental organizations. It provides an important complement to the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) training conducted by OCHA for humanitarian generalists, and to the Health Cluster Field Coordinator training being developed by the IASC Health Cluster, to name a few.

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